Gettin’ Serious

A leading indicator that some serious work will be needing done is heralded by stuff like this:

The U.S. Army on Monday released a recruitment ad that critics argue is a sure sign the military is gearing up for war.

There are no signs of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the 30-second spot, which features white males jumping out of a plane. 

Yup:  when it comes time to make war in earnest, ain’t nothin’ like a bunch of White men to get the job done.

And for those People Of Color who won’t respond to the ads because “there ain’t no Black men in the picture”:  by all means, stay the fuck away and let the professionals do the work.

When there’s hard work to be done, there’s no time for “feelings” or “representation”.  As the Army seems to have realized.


  1. But Kim, now is the perfect opportunity for all the feministicals and alphabet people to show the world just how much better they are than we knuckledragging Neanderthal White men! I say we send *all* of them over to the Levant. That’ll show the Muzzies what-for!

    1. …to get sent yet again to yet another Afghanistan?
      … the other way, ‘dood” is ‘boob.’

  2. The only war that White Men need to get involved in is the coming Civil War 2.0. Otherwise, I think all great Americans need to sit this one out.

    Not being anti-semitic, mainly I just see no reason another American needs to die in the middle east after the past 2+ decades of fuck-ups over there. Nothing will make a difference and other countries (including our “greatest ally”) can fight their own fucking wars without our money and without our soldiers. The only thing that Bush’s war on terror has done is make things even worse.

    The new army ad is a direct slap in the face after all the years of DEI and shitting on White men. That’s right up there with the liberal cunts wanting a covid amnesty. Never forget what those bastards have done to our country.

    Sorry, starting to rant. Need more coffee.

  3. The way this Administration works, it wouldn’t surprise me if the US Army is indeed deployed in Gaza… to fight against the Israelis.

  4. I retired from the Air Force in 2004. I was in JCSE for 12 years. JCSE is a joint Element that provides communication for CENTCOM and it’s interests. Those interests include Army SF, AF SF, Navy Seals, and Marine MARSOC. About 90% of the elite warriors were white. I saw only one oriental and the remaining 10% were split between hispanic and black.

  5. USN from 1975-2012 and I saw the full spectrum of recruitable yutes. From the really bad in the 70’s and early 80’s to the pretty decent ones in the late 80’s through early 90’s. Clinton set up the military to be destroyed by Obama and that’s exactly what he did. I know you’ve all heard it before, but 70-85% of today’s young people (18-26) would not pass the basic physical/mental screen for military entry. That’s why all the services (except the Marine Corps and Coast Guard) are raising the age of entry to 42. That’s right, 42. And the Army has a pre-bootcamp bootcamp for the fatties, cross-dressers and illiterates that will teach them how to cheat their way through bootcamp. Is anyone surprised that this pre-bootcamp bootcamp has a 100% success rate? What, no shocked faces?

    There are more than 30,000 full-time DEI/EEO employees in DoD and it is the fastest growing career track in Federal Civil Service. On a somewhat related note, the DoD will spend more than $140M in FY23 on trans care and the VA is asking for $250M/year for it’s growing population of trans patients (55% of that is for mental health). It is anticipated that each trans patient will cost the VA more than $3.1M in total care over their “care lifetime”. Remember, this is a population where 70% of them attempt suicide and 30% of them eventually succeed. On the one hand, you’ve got the Army saying they are good-to-go to mainstream into all Army billets, on the gripping hand, you’ve got the VA saying these people are nucking futs and are going to be a massive drain on the medical system. You only get to believe one of them.

    Rest assured though, our top politicians insist that diversity is our strength and cutting special forces end strength is just a way to show our not-so-special forces that we care about them too.

    I was at Walter Reed Medical Center a while back and saw a couple of active duty AA Army soldiers in line at the BX. They had black fingernail polish on. I asked them what that was all about and they said it was in support of BLM. I then asked, “is your 1st Sgt OK with that?” Response: “fuck the 1st Sgt.”

    Rest well, America, your military has the watch!

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