1. At least it’s not another sexual fetish awareness month. It feels quaint to go back to breast cancer.

  2. And we have to wonder how having a breast cancer awareness month but not a prostrate cancer awareness month isn’t sexist… I’d say it’s a clear sign of discrimination!

    Seriously: cancer screening can help if done correctly, but it also can lead to massive overdiagnosis.
    My mother’s lymphoma was discovered during a breast cancer screening (sadly too late for the doctors to treat it), but many people needlessly undergo cancer treatment because of misdiagnosed spots and specks that turn out not to be cancer at all.

    1. prostate cancer awareness month is November. My fellow nursing students asked this same question when we were in school learning about cancer treatment and such. Some places host a “Mustachio Bashio” where people get dressed up to the nines for an evening out. To show support, women are encouraged to don fake mustaches. My classmates and I met up at a bar that was hosting such an event. It was rather disconcerting to see a gorgeous women in evening wear turn around with a fake mustache.

      Another recognition of men’s health is No Shave November.

      In my opinion, I believe men take care of their business without all the vanity and attention seeking behavior. Look at how men and women react to news that a friend survived cancer. Women go on and on about how brave they are for under going treatment and reconstruction surgery etc. Men react with a that sucks, wanna grab a beer?


  3. My company gave out ball caps and t-shirts – all pink – in honor of breast cancer awareness. Plus ribbons. All straight into the trash can. I’m not wearing a solid pink with ribbons on it ball cap. Sorry.

    For – hell, IDK, testicular cancer, prostate cancer, something – we got a simple muted ball cap in black with a small blue ribbon on it. Not wearing that either. But at least it’s a bit more tasteful.

    I get maybe 15, 20 caps a year from the company, most of which I’d never wear in public for one reason or another. I have no idea which female secretary picks them out, but my God are they awful. What’s wrong with a simple, basic color and the company logo? And nothing else on it. Or better, camo with the company logo. But no, can’t do that. Too simple.

    And they’re all higher end quality, too.

    1. when I changed careers to become a nurse, the trinkets given out for Nurse’s week were all for women. Thanks for nothing employer. Although she’s not a nurse, my wife made out like a bandit with the give away stuff.

      I dislike company branded stuff. I’m not a steer and therefore I don’t want to be branded by my employer.


      1. WAY back in the day, they’d hand out belt buckles, pocketknives, wallets, etc. when the work force was 99% men. The only token woman usually made some remark about oh gee, my husband will love this. So I guess it goes both ways.

        As for company branded, I usually only wear that to/from work or at company events. Otherwise I’m not wearing it in public.

  4. Years ago some woman tried to sell me some pink branded gadget and said, “it’s about breast cancer.”

    When I asked her, “For or against?,” she got all pissed off.

  5. UGH. Promoting awareness of a disease is NOT the same as promoting a cure for the disease.

    Maybe if some of those dubiously collected dollars had gone to clinical research, I’d have fewer dead friends.

    Frell cancer, in all its forms.

    1. yes it is. Breast tissue can develop cancer, regardless of your sex or gender.
      Men can get it too, it’s just exceedingly rare as they have next to no breast tissue.

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