Point Of Principle

I see that the medical scaremongers and charlatans are now mumbling (soon to be shouting, no doubt) about how the latest ‘n greatest Covid variant is going to kill us all unless we do all that shit that didn’t work the last time.

I might as well get it off my chest now:

  • I will not wear a face mask, because they’ve been proven ineffective and hamper my breathing
  • I will not patronize any business (or government office) that mandates the use thereof
  • I will likewise not curtail my social or commercial activities under terms of any government-mandated lockdown
  • I will not get yet another vaccination of some unproven (and apparently also ineffective) drug against this new Covid, nor any other Covid strain for that matter
  • any attempt to coerce me into doing any of the above will meet with a hostile, perhaps (depending on the circumstances) even violent response from me.

Others may join me in this, or not — it is a matter of complete indifference to me, as this is a purely personal position.


We know what you’re trying to do, and it’s not going to work.


  1. here’s a challenge for readers:

    Go put arrows on the floor with tape at your favorite or not so favorite stores. Make sure the arrows conflict with each other. Post pictures and picture of people trying to comply. Let the hilarity ensue


  2. Could not agree with you more Mr. du Toit.
    This is round 2 and it is NOT GOING TO STOP until this country is on
    its collective knees or something else STOPS IT !!
    ‘They’ are on a roll and ‘they’ KNOW IT. They also know that there is
    a chance, just a very small chance that their roll may stop in about 14
    months ( don’t count on it though, I’m not. The mechanisms for theft,
    AGAIN, are still in place, polished up and ready to go IF they haven’t
    ALREADY done their job !! ). One more 4 year continuation of what
    we have seen and experienced since 2020

  3. I didn’t comply with the silly rules last time, and I don’t intend to this time either. and unlike Taco Jill and Uncle Joe who were vaccinated thru next year, I did not get the WU- flu.

    I suspect a much larger % of the Public will object to this attempt to Fool Us Twice to their Surprise and eventual downfall.

    It’s not going to go well this time around. ( and Besides I already made my money on Moderna and Pfizer stock along with Ramaswamy)

  4. I agree with not getting vaccinated ever again. I was forced to work work last time.

    This time if they force vaccines again I’ll find a different job

    The liberals scream to anyone who will listen “my body my choice” but that only seems to apply when the liberals want to euthanize innocent unborn babies.

    Forcing others to vax is ok I guess according to liberals and Rinos.

    The vax and mask thing:

    1 – I got a polio vaccine and I don’t get polio. My Covid vaccine must have been defective. I had Covid twice. Once Before the vax and once after. Oh and I lived through Covid before the vax.

    2 – vaccines and masks seem cult ish. Like a Jones town. I mean these liberals, that want to force masks. And force vax on others. They have the magic mask and magic vaccine right??? Why do they care if others don’t. Everyone must drink the kool aid for it to work?

    1. Our bodies ourselves, but that was preempted when early on in the covid panic the elites told everyone that the mask was to protect others. “You filthy unmasked person you! You’re breathing here trying to kill me.” Once you teach people that, it’s very hard to unteach them.

      1. There are two reasons my mask doesn’t protect you:

        1) The same reason my mask doesn’t protect me much – the holes in it are too big. If the holes were small enough to stop a virus, I’d be having trouble breathing, and that’s more dangerous than COVID.

        2) I have a high and narrow nose, and that wire thingy at the top of the mask does not go tight enough to seal. Every time I exhale, I feel my breath going out around my nose. If the humidity is high or the air is cold, my glasses will fog up and I’ll have to take the mask off – but either way, anything I exhale is going straight out into the air rather than being filtered through the mask.

  5. I just can’t understand it:
    anybody who bothered to do the slightest bit of research – and it was all available, not hidden, on-line would find out that the COVID virus has a diameter of 0.4 microns (micra, if you’re a stickler) and the smallest pore available in the best masks available has a diameter of 200 microns.
    That like playing hoops with golf ball – Fore!

    1. A Swiss company manufactures probably the best water filters on the market. Giardia cysts are also about .4 microns in diameter. In order to push water through a .4 micron filter that leaves the Giardia cysts outside, the water has to be pumped through a ceramic cylinder, by hand. The filters are essentially airtight. If you tried to breathe through one, you would essentially be breathing through a stone.

  6. The problem is that none of the people demanding compliance were harmed at all the last time around when their demands were found to be worthless for anything but compliance


  7. I did not take the jab last time, didn’t get covid – will not take jab this time either.
    There are a myriad of things one can take to enhance one’s immune system; I’ve worked at it and haven’t had so much as a cold for over three years.
    Actually, like most of you, I have taken my last shot some years ago……………..

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