More Expert Bullshit

Oh, how we laughed:

It’s a mystery that has puzzled scientists for years, but one scientist believes he may finally know what’s behind the Bermuda Triangle disappearances.

The Bermuda Triangle is an area of the North Atlantic ocean near Bermuda, where several ships have disappeared over the years. Some have claimed that there’s a whirlpool hidden there, while others suggest that aliens may be to blame for the disappearances. But one expert claims that rocks may explain the mystery.

Speaking in a Channel 5 documentary, Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle, Nick Hutchings, a mineral prospector, explained: “Bermuda’s basically a sea mountain – it’s an underwater volcano. 30 million years ago, it was sticking up above sea level. It has now eroded away and we’re left with the top of a volcano. We have a few core samples, which have magnetite in them. It’s the most magnetic naturally occurring material on Earth.”

On the programme, Mr Hutchings then conducted an experiment using some of the rock and a compass. When the rock was placed on a flat surface and the compass was moved over it, the needle went crazy. This is due to the fact the rocks contain magnetite. Mr Hutchings added: “You can just imagine the ancient mariners sailing past Bermuda. It would be very disconcerting.”

…especially as said ancient mariners would have been sailing in wooden ships.


  1. Just maybe there’s so many disappearances there because it was a major shipping lane between Europe and the Americas.

    1. This is what it is; then you make up a few ship disappearances and reject the simple non-supernatural explanations for the Mary Celeste and some other ships, so you can make an ominous and breathless TV “documentary” on the thousands of ships that have disappeared in the “Bermuda Triangle” and like Ancient Aliens, draw conclusions that will keep people buying the books the TV show is based on.

  2. The Bermuda triangle – tip of Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. Also known as Hurricane Alley and where the warm waters of the Gulf Stream mix with the cold waters of the Atlantic that might have something to do it as well.

    1. ….. and the reason there are so many more “Named Hurricanes” now that in the “50’s and 60’s is that we have gotten much better at detecting them than we were 50 years ago, never mind 250 years ago. Then we only named most of the ones that reached land. The majority that stayed out to sea or destroyed parts of Mexico were just unknown or ignored as bad weather.

  3. Kim, magnets mess up a compass reading. The principle of a compass is that the North Pole is a magnet, which makes the needle point north. But put said compass near a stronger magnetic field that varies in direction, and the compass goes nuts.

    Even on a wooden boat.

  4. Net / net – the Bermuda Triangle is one of the safest places to sail in the world. A lot of boats and ships are lost there, but a tiny percentage and smaller percentage that virtually everywhere else.

  5. One thing I’d heard was that ship disappearances may be due to volcanic activity. If a ship is sailing through the area during an eruption the gas significantly decreases the specific gravity of the water and it can’t support the weight of the boat causing it to sink.

  6. It took this long for the experts to come out with this info?

    Whats next in 2023, info on alien invasions? Wait a minute…

    I think all this could be part of the media distraction to keep our minds of Mr Dementia, aka 10 percent for the big guy.

    1. Oh, you know it. The last time some ambitious District Attorney who wanted to earn his IQ instead of his suit size indicted America’s Whipping Boy, I asked, “What has Chairman Joao been caught doing now. They’re finding stuff out about him faster than the creative writers in the DNC can write shit, so they’ve expanded into UFO’s or whatever the accepted new acronym is, and now it’s the Bermuda Triangle. Can the Loch Ness Monster be far off now, or will it come after Sasquatch and whatever they call the monster in Michigan?

      1. Windy,

        I saw Sasquatch on TV selling / advertising beef jerky. I guess those hairy bastards like processed meat. Admittedly I do like that stuff once in a while too.

        Haven’t seen you post in a while, hope you are doing well.

  7. Go check out the “Great Lakes Triangle”. Lots of mysterious diappearances there too, especially Lake Michigan. I’ll bet if you draw a triangle in any well trafficked area of water you’ll find intriguing disappearances. Personally, I think it’s Red Lectroids from Planet 10.

  8. Bermuda triangle: Where very heavy commercial traffic crosses with thousands of tourists sailing boats that they didn’t even know how to handle before they got drunk. The accident rate isn’t at all high when you consider how many boats are out there.

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