Forensic Summary

If ever you utter the words “election fraud” and are met with eyerolls, looks of pity and so on, feel free to repeat the content of this excellent historical infographic on the topic from Doug Ross.  A sample:

And all those points are amplified, one by one.

Better still, the actions described are not only irrefutable — if anyone even attempts to refute them, their motives are to be questioned — they are all documented fact.


  1. They’re on video kicking out the poll watchers and then papering over the windows so nobody could see inside the count rooms.

    This isn’t new either. Obama 2008 a Black Panther stood outside a Philly polling place with a bat threatening voters. Once elected, AG Eric Holder dropped the charges after a conviction had already been secured.

  2. and the GOP and other conservative groups were so lax and sluggish in gathering and presenting evidence that there was nothing left to prove, and the election was a fait accomplis for the left.

    Right now there is no trace left of any fraud and tampering that might have happened (and don’t get me wrong, I’m reasonably certain it happened on a massive scale, though probably not nearly as massive as some people claim, I’m perfectly willing to accept that about half the population is stupid enough to vote for Biden and his ilk), so it’s pointless still blabbing on about what happened.

    Instead people should try to start thinking about how to prevent it from happening again (if possible, which I doubt it is as the leftists are by now far more entrenched than they were even 3 years ago, I seriously doubt it is possible by now to turn things around without killing a few hundred thousand of them).

  3. Simpler than that- the Constitution says that each State shall appoint, in such manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, the electors that choose the President. When the courts and the election boards set up voting rules that were not according to the rules that were established by the state legislature, those rules were unconstitutional, and thus illegal.
    It isn’t for the courts, the governor, or Mark Zuckerberg to decide that drop off boxes and mail in voting are how the electors will be chosen. It’s up to the legislature. Changing the procedures that they put in place makes the election illegitimate.

  4. Which cynic said words to the effect of “if voting mattered they wouldn’t let you do it?” The more times I orbit the sun, the more I believe this is true.

    As Marcos in the Phillipines and numerous other dictators throughout history have learned, it doesn’t matter who votes. It only matters who counts the votes.


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