Karma Smiles

Two headlines that had me chuckling, when seen one after the other:

…and then:

So their lesbians beat our lesbians.  (I know, this whole Lesbo World Cup is of little interest over in this corner of Teh Intarwebz, being a) soccer and b) womyns’ sports, but stay with me here.)

This whole non-singing of the national anthem — when you have been chosen to represent your country — has stuck in my craw since Day One.  By not singing the anthem, what you’re saying is that this is not a momentous privilege but just another thing you have to do before signing that lucrative endorsement deal.

And then kvetching when you don’t get that lucrative endorsement deal.

I know, I know:  it’s their First Amendment right and all that, but people need to understand that sometimes there are consequences to actions, and this would be one of those times.

I’m no longer an executive in this business but if I were, there is absolutely no way I would sign up one of these unpatriotic and ungrateful assholes and pay them some large sum of money, because in all good faith I couldn’t show them wearing the Team USA shirt (on the Wheaties packet, for example) when they’ve basically indicated that wearing said shirt is anathema to them.

Enjoy your stay in Oblivion City, shitbirds.


  1. The publicly whining crybabies that are so popular today have flaws that go all the way to their cores so there is plenty of reason to not hire them.

    Vanity whores with open sores can gather in the gutters of the ghetto, where they belong.

    They wear their nasty genitals as hood ornaments for all to adore.

    The coming burn-off will be glorious.

  2. “I know, I know: it’s their First Amendment right and all that”

    I don’t buy that. I work for a global corporation and when I’m on company time, or wearing the company nomex in public, or in any shape, form or fashion appearing to speak on behalf of the company I DO NOT HAVE FREE SPEECH when that speech is either paid for by the company or else has the appearance of representing the company views. What I do in my own time, outside the company is, of course, none of their business. If I act as a representative of the company and bad-mouth the company, I’d be fired in a nanosecond.

    So sports-ball players of all stripes, when they stand on the field, in uniform, are representatives of the entire team/organization. They’re being paid to stand there. Anything they say is either paid for by the owners and/or potentially representing the owners’ view. They likewise DO NOT HAVE FREE SPEECH in that situation. The platform, the visibility, the audience that they are given access to is a function of the larger organization. For an individual to hijack that for their own private political message isn’t free speech, it’s hijacking the platform and audience from others who have paid for it. They (all of them who “took a knee”) should have been fired immediately. You take the King’s shilling, you play the King’s tune and all that.

    And again, what they say off the field, on their own time, on their own platform, is free game. But on the field it’s a different story.

    Sorry, that’s my rant against the whole sports-ball nonsense.

  3. Also, someone posted side-by-side pics of both the US and Swedish teams. Obviously, the Swedish lesbians were way better looking than ours.

    Just saying.

  4. I will admit rooting against the US Women’s Kickball team in every match.
    I really don’t care if they don’t sing but they some of the players were just plain disrespectful when it was played.

    BTW, nice kick in overtime there Megan!

  5. Now if Rapinhoe and company could just fuck off to obscurity that would be nice.

    Others have observed that Rapinhoe could have had better leg strength for that kick if she had spent less time on her knees


  6. Ted Lasso has exactly the right amount of soccer for my tastes.

    To the US women’s soccer team…piss off. Your sadly pathetic bleatings are harshing my mellow.

    1. I watched Ted Lasso up until the point where they couldn’t go 5 minutes without using the term “colonialism.” I’m watching to be entertained, not to get a lecture on morality from a leftist dimwit.

      1. with all the bitching and moaning about alleged horrors of colonialism from the moonbats, I’m having trouble finding the real problems with the practice.


  7. I believe it was a decade or so ago when Rapinoe was still a relevant player on the world cup team, and they played an exhibition match against a u15 team in Dallas. U15 stands for under 15. The adult professional world cup carpet munchers got their asses kicked by 13 and 14 year old boys.

    Meanwhile, the dikes of the WNBA are demanding revenue sharing from the NBA. Never mind there is zero interest in that crap. The league continues to hemorrhage millions year after year, decade after decade. Without a sugar daddy like the NBA to pick up the tab, those rancid cows couldn’t give their milk away, but expect daddy to make it rain even harder regardless. You can’t make this shit up.

    Color me skeptical re: ghostsniper’s coming burn off.

    1. we have a local franchise of the WNBA here. The crowd they attract is a couple of thousand spectators at best on a given night. Many of the tickets are given away from the local casino where they play. the playoffs did not raise attendance by a significant amount. Their performance puts out a product that few people want to see so their pay should be adjusted accordingly.

      Women’s soccer is the same way. Olympic and world class women’s teams being beaten by high school boys shows their skill. Why would I pay Major League ticket prices to watch sandlot baseball? It’s absurd.


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