1. I had a 40 year career working on mission and safety critical maritime military systems. We always had to ensure our kit would kill the right people while not killing the wrong people.

    Everything I’ve read about the design and execution of this horrendous piece of shit makes me glad that the guy who conceived it is certainly almost dead.

    As Scotty said, you really cannae defy the laws of physics.

  2. Yes, from all I’ve been reading a $250K ticket seems very low. That will barely buy you a week on a 170 private yacht on the surface in the Med. I would expect the cost to be in the multiple millions with triple redundant everything. Those kind of depths are defiantly in the First error is fatal zone. From what I’ve read the CEO thought that extra safety was a waste of time and money. They had already had a series of near misses. It seems that every previous survivor has a story to share about system failures and questionable procedures. It’s the classic problem of critical operations that start to become routine, so things start to be overlooked or procedures skipped that prove fatal. It was clearly an accident waiting to happen. Despite the overly optimistic media, I expect they had a catastrophic failure early on in the program. The hull was Carbon Fiber, A very strong material but I’m not sure it can stand up multiple duty cycles at thoose kinds of pressures.

    1. From what I’ve seen on carbon fiber car bodies, it is very strong right up to the breaking point, then it fails catastrophically. I also agree about duty cycles, it probably isn’t the best material for repeated cycles.

  3. Prayers for those who may have already perished in this ‘mess’ !
    When I saw a video clip showing the owner/designer/builder ‘demonstrating’
    the ‘controls’ for the vessel, I said ‘COUNT ME O U T !’ right then !!
    Apparently the vessel is controlled using a modified ‘electronic game controller’
    relying on BLUETOOTH to issue commands to various mechanisms ( engines,
    control surfaces, etc. ) IOW – dive by wire !! Not the most stable, RELIABLE method of control, and certainly not at the depths they were reaching.
    No Thanks ! Someone else stated that they would not go on a dive in that vessel
    if they got PAID $250,000 ! I agree !

    1. Why do away with the wire when you’ll be INSIDE the vehicle?
      This seems perilously close to emailing people within your bullpen instead of speaking to them directly, or getting delivery from a grocery store or restaurant in spite of living next door.
      Paying me $250k wouldn’t be enough by a couple of multiples.

  4. Money clearly does not buy intelligence or wisdom. Now, can they build another for Pelosi, Schumer, Shifty Schiff, Nadler, the Clinton Crime Family, the Biden crime Family, the Sotoeros etc?

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