Quick Reminder

We’re entering the Week 3 of the annual Keep The Moneylenders From Repossessing Kim’s Children fundraiser, so if you haven’t yet thrown some coins into Ye Olde Begginge Cuppe, please consider doing so.

And heartfelt thanks to all those who have already contributed.  The difference it has made to our circumstances (and to my general mood) is beyond description.


  1. OK, I’ve upped yours. On Patreon, of course.

    How’s about putting the Patreon link on the main page so we can avoid all the clickery-dickery trying to find it?

  2. Done!
    The mere thought of having to drink cheap Gin in the morning brought a tear to my eye….

  3. Finally done by mail, I never was able to find you on Venmo. If Patreon is a regular subscription service, I’d sign up for that. I’m ignint of it.


  4. Found it! I am an idjit. Patreon is explained on the Support this site link. Headed there now.

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