1. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this ball of confusion is fully ignited by the next national election day with open season on everything and hot lead flying every which way.

    It seems like all of us are waiting for the next shoe to fall.

  2. > So easy on the gloating, Donald.

    This time it’s all about his ego, and that’s not going to stop.

  3. A vote for Trump in the primary is a vote for Biden the the general. Any other Republican wins easily – Trump loses and it will not be close.

  4. I don’t trust the polls. didn’t the polls have Trump ahead of Pedo Joe throughout the campaign season?

    I like quite a bit of Trump’s policies that he put in place and his flinging back of the hubris was a refreshing change but I’m just tired of him. He has become just as divisive as Hillary Benghazi clinton.

  5. the Donald is going to be in federal prison, unable to run for anything, before the elections. Any theoretical lead he has now means exactly nothing.

    1. That assumes that the Progressive Establishment has any better evidence than they have managed to bring up to this round. Their record with Trump isn’t exactly stellar.

  6. After 2016, the polls have next to no credibility, and they’ve done screw all to regain any.

    The question becomes, are they pumping up Trump’s numbers to make him overconfident? Are they reporting numbers they hate? Are then depressing the numbers, and they still come out this high?

  7. Trump is Trump, Ok
    But the only ” crime ” he commited is exposing the “Deep State” and the corruption of the system.
    For the D’s that’s an hangin offence.
    So just to be safe I will sai it here “Trump did not kill himself “

  8. This is going be a shit show of such epic proportions that I have no idea where it will lead, other than to ensure everyone is covered with shit when it’s over. I can’t imagine any good will come from the R primaries. And even though the next chosen one will be going against the worst president in history, rest assured that the entire apparatus of the D machine, the mass media, the entrenched bureaucracy, the combined cheating at all levels as witnessed in 2020, will ensure that no R will ever again get elected president.

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