News Roundup

Canadians:  the old enemy.

...I’ll believe Canucki “experts” when it comes to hockey, snow removal or maple syrup.  Otherwise, not.

And in more Global Cooling Climate Warming Change news: if we needed any more proof that climatism is a religionAlso, keywords:  New York professors.

...expect “frozen Germans” to become a thing.

...climate change:  is there anything it can’t do?

...wait, weren’t temperatures supposed to be rising because of SUVs etc.?  I’m SO confused.

From the Department of Health Alarmism:

...everybody panic!!!!!!  Or not.

In the “I Did Not Know That!” department:

I’m just amazed that the Belgies actually import any American beer, let alone that Miller piss.

From the Dept. of Criminal Assholes:

...but the shooter is Black, didn’t use an assault rifle, and shot only other Black people.  Annnnd down the memory hole she goes. the Great Cultural Assimilation Project continues.

...yup, blame all those White Christian “teenagers” shooting people in Chicago, St. Louis, East L.A. and the Bronx.

...if those things are a “reader favorite”, then Insty’s demographics must have changed.  A LOT.

And from the bowels of INSIGNIFICA:

And finally, some news that actually matters:

...oh no, have mercy:

Seriously?  56?  I give up.


  1. Pilots. Jay Zeamer.

    “He was also getting passed to the command seat by pilots younger than he. It was on a mission to Lae, according to Krell, that Zeamer was right seat to one of these freshly minted pilots, Duncan Seffern. Going into the bomb run, Zeamer’s plane fell back from Krell’s plane instead of maintaining position, potentially screwing up the bomb run. When Krell put Seffern on the carpet back at Woodstock, he was told that Zeamer, who as copilot was in charge of maintaining proper speed on the bomb run, had fallen asleep. Seffern reportedly had to slap Zeamer across the chest to wake him up, at which point Zeamer awoke and performed his duty—and then fell back asleep.”

    Full story here. It’s a long read, but well worth it.

  2. One difference between the US Army Air Force and the Nazi Luftwaffe: We issued dextroamphetamine to pilots. They issued methamphetamine.

  3. Re: Sonny Hostin, and The View
    Is there a maximum IQ cutoff for appearance on The View?
    Is it in double-digits?

  4. Canadian bacon is just ham.
    That’s all you need to know about Canada, they can’t even make real bacon.

  5. If those wimpy heirs of the ferocious Belgae have anything they want to export to America, they’d better not claim that it is the “Cadillac” of anything. They need a lesson in metaphor, simile and salesman’s puffery even worse than Americans, and whatever is used to teach that to them, well, I hope it runs into the millions of Euros per whatever the thing is they are exporting.

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