Foreign Visitors

For the next couple weeks we will be hosting New Wife’s son and daughter-in-law as they flee (temporarily) their South African home for springtime in Texas.

None of that matters, because they will be bringing our* precious granddaughter with them:

…so the fortnight will be spent in Grandparent Heaven, and posting may be a little light other than the regular features such as the Caption Competition, Monday Funnies, Art / Culture Saturday and Classic Beauty, which I’ve already pre-loaded.

*I say “our” because my own kids have proven to be completely useless at the Grandchild Production business, so I take them where I can.
There’s another grandchild lurking in the above pic, but we won’t be able to see that one until it’s born in August.


  1. Have fun! As a friend once told me, “If I knew how much fun the grandkids would be, I’d have had them first!

  2. Congrats! and enjoy your family time.

    Dear departed Wife 1.0 (she didn’t die, she just departed) left me childless. Soon-to-be Wife 2.0 is a new and improved model that came with two daughters and a granddaughter, which made me an instant Pop-pop.

    Couldn’t be prouder.

  3. Safe travels to your family. I hope you have a speedy recovery from side splitting laughter and smiles.


  4. Enjoy the young-uns. Glad to see white people are still reproducing, all the better to privilege the rest of the world into submission.

  5. Have fun!

    I hope you manage to persuade them to leave South Africa. There are plenty of jobs here in the UK.

  6. Wonderful. Enjoy your visitors, and let them, especially the little one, recharge your batteries. Spoil them rotten. We will curmudgeon sufficiently while you are otherwise occupied in a good cause.

    1. Working on it. But their better choices are the UK and Oz, because apparently the US doesn’t need bright young business executives with brilliant resumes and/or qualified speech therapists.

  7. Have fun showing your folks Texas, I might suggest a trip down to the Hill Country, Fredericksburg, Luckenbach, San Antonio, Bandera are all looking kind of green and nice now. Avoid Austin if possible, consider highway 281 and see a lot of fun stuff starting in Fort Worth at the stockyards and then taking your time heading down South, probably five or six hours of driving time with lots of fun places to stop.

    There are a lot of curvy roads that make for slower driving and fun non-tourist places to enjoy local Texas food. Your visitors will probably think we talk funny and eat funny food but that’s the adventure. Enjoy the family stuff and the little one, we have a grafted together family with seven grand kids and this past December a little great grandson and it is fun watching our kids doing some real fine parenting.

  8. If your foreign visitors are driving in Texas you might explain that our rules of the road are a little bit different here in Texas. First of all there is the ‘big truck’ right of way at intersections and merging lanes and the objective is to not get run over if you are slower than the big truck, the size of the tires is often inversely proportional to the intellect of the driver. Another reminder is that there are a lot of crappy cars being driven by people with no insurance and very little tread on their tires, give them room when they do strange things as they go down the road passing you when you are driving 75 to 80 miles per hour and their left read fender is a different color and held on with duct tape and bailing wire, give them room and avoid these people.

    Perhaps the final word of advice is avoid the I-35 Nascar race between Dallas and San Antonio where there appears to be no speed limit and the road is often going very slow will they are cleaning up the wrecks and the parking lot known as Austin where the traffic slows down to a walking pace with lots of congestion. Our California relatives were impressed with most of our highways being in decent shape with a lot of 70 and 75 mph speed limits to keep us moving along.

    You all have fun now, ya hear me?

  9. We’re very happy you will be able to spend quality time with such a photogenic family.

    In the interim, we’ll stay pissed off so you don’t have to.

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