News Roundup

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And if you think that’s ridiculous:

...not just incompetent, but malevolent too.

...this tragedy must be a consequence of “climate change”, because there’s never been an avalanche in Colorado before.

...I fail to see the problem here, other than causing Darwin to bust a gut laughing.  Also:  Australia.

...see “clowns”, above.

...and then we shoot them on sight;  problem solved.

...keyword:  Liverpool.  So probably “Gerroff!”

...perhaps if they sold them in 2-packs instead of by the dozen?

...good.  Shouldn’t have made the stupid thing in the first place.

...finally, some competition for the Magic Wand.

And from the sublime to the INSIGNIFICA:


...the only relevant apology being:  “I’m sorry I ever dated you.”

...of course she does.

Were it not for that unfortunate Shane Warne Episode, she’d be one of the most bonkable women in history.



  1. Fines for crocodile swimming should only apply if the event was not filmed for our enjoyment.

  2. I went downhill skiing once. The cost for equipment, lift tickets and accommodations were too expensive for me. I’d rather go snow shoeing or ice fishing in the winter. Barring that, I’ll stay inside with a nice fire, my dog and a book. The only argument I can see for downhill skiing is that I might get to meet a dog. The risk is not worth it. I’ll be in the lodge.

    I like the alligators being alligators. Just like last summer we had imbeciles trying to pet the fluffy cows and the bison had none of it. This sort of activity needs to be encouraged among the imbeciles that vote against rational people.

    I’m glad El Salvador is going after the private sector gangs and criminals. We just need a strong border to push them up against. If anyone is hiring flight stewards for Air Pinochet, please let me know. I know enough Spanish to get by, Salada (exit) and after work “Cervasa por favor”

    Paltrow’s cheese has long slipped from its cracker. She seems the most benign of the Hollyweird crowd. Taylor Swift is still around? She’s easy on the eyes but utterly horrid on the ears.

    as vapid as Paltrow is, Hurley sure is eye catching. I think she should avoid any hemline longer than mid calf though.

    Thanks for the news roundup.


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