Art Time

Sotheby’s had an auction a while back, and these particular pieces caught my eye:

First, from my favorite modern Impressionist, Leonid Afremov:

Then, two pieces from my favorite Academy artist, Eugenio (Eugene) De Blaas:

I like this one, simply because I love rainy Paris street scenes:

And this, from a painter whom I don’t know (but intend to rectify the situation):

Finally, another artist unknown to me, on another favorite topic (gloomy 19th century street scenes):

My only regret is that I don’t have enough walls to hang all the art I’d love to own.


  1. We have one of Afremov’s hand painted copies of “When dreams come true” hanging in the living room. It’s the wife’s favorite.

    1. I have an Afremov in my office, from Kim’s recommendation years ago. Still my favorite painting in the house.

  2. Almost every time you post about the music you like I shudder in horror.

    And yet, every single time, no exceptions, not over the 15 or 20 years I’ve been reading your stuff, when you post about your favourite visual art I vibrate in complete harmony. Every single piece above, every single one, is beyond compare, a phantasm of miraculous beauty.

    Many thanks for this. I’ll try to find other works by these artists for the next time we can afford to go to the old world, which is where I assume most works by them can be found on public display.

    This will be expensive, and I blame my wife, who dragged me to the Prado on one of their free days years ago, before which I considered art to be foolish, when in fact the fool was me.

    So soon old, so late smart – defines my life.

  3. After I saw the painting by Grimshaw, (I had never heard of him before), I immediately order that one in a large print. YOU HAVE INFLUENCED ME!

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