Not Responsible

Well, that’s fucked the narrative:

The Washington Post reviewed “every possible regulatory change” that was made under the Trump administration and found that none of them contributed to the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio.

Of course, had they found that Trump deregulation had been responsible, it would have led the next ten news cycles.

I’m just amazed they even reported this, compared to their usual modus operandi when encountering unfavorable news.



  1. Since when did inconvenient truths ever stop this administration from continuing to spread a narrative it knew to be untrue????

  2. They’re probably now looking to see if Bush can be blamed, or Reagan, or Nixon, or Lincoln…

    1. They _really_ had to push that narrative to distract people from asking how the military-armed “protestors” had known our ambassador would be there that night. (Hint – his schedule would have been in Hillary’s insecure computer.)

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