1. He walked up to me and he asked me to dance
    I asked him his name and in a dark brown voice he said, “Lolo”

  2. Suzette was pleasantly surprised that Phil really could carry two cups of coffee AND a dozen donuts.

  3. Oh, Lord, they’ve gender-switched the Bond movie For Your Eyes Only.
    (If you don’t understand, look up the movie poster.)

  4. She had that look three times while he was undressing. First, when he took off his socks, she saw that his toes were all deformed and upon inquiry he stated, “Oh, when I was a child I had toelio.”

    “You mean polio”, she replied.

    “No, it was toelio. It only effects your toes.”

    Then she got that look again when he took off his pants and his knees were all lumpy and weird looking.

    “Oh, that, I also contracted kneesels when I was child.”

    “Are you sure it wasn’t measels?”, she asked.

    “Nope. Kneesels only effects your knees.”

    The photo above is from the third and final time she got that look which was when he took off his underwear and she said, “Don’t tell me, you also had a severe case of smallcocks!”

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