Dragging Kiddies

Let’s hear it for Plano-based Pizza Hut:

BOOK IT! is a reading program, sponsored by the pizza chain, directed towards children from pre-school to sixth grade, or ages four to twelve. It awards a free one-topping pizza if they are able to meet a monthly reading goal. Big Wig was promoted in the summer reading program Camp BOOK IT!

The book Big Wig is a “wonderful read-aloud [that] celebrates the universal childhood experience of dressing up and the confidence that comes with putting on a costume,” the reading program states on its website.

Yeah, it’s just about “putting on a costume”, of course.

Fucking groomers.

Here’s a thought:  we have lots of corporate headquarters here in Plano, and others are lining up to come here.  It would serve Pizza Hut right if the city, backed by the state*, revoked their business license — I bet that if publicized, a large majority of Plano parents would support the action.

*If this were Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis would be all over this idea.


  1. I’m in favor of encouraging children and everyone else to read but the material has to be age appropriate. This groomer nonsense is nothing short of brainwashing and propaganda. It must be stopped immediately.


  2. Stocks and public flogging is really the only way to handle these people. We can say we’re doing it in the name of “inclusion”.

    1. yes!! absolutely!!! The area in the public square must be easy to clean and hose down so we can finance our legal system by selling half rotted fruit at the criminals. Victims get a free bag of rotted fruit and first throws.


  3. I was wondering why you were so upset about getting kids to read until I looked at their website. Pass the brain bleach, pronto!

    Far more worthy are Dolly Parton’s efforts. Plug ‘dolly parton charity’ into your favourite search engine and go.

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