1. The only thing really wrong(for its time) with the old Fiat 124 was that Fiat apparently bought the steel that GM had left over from building the Chev Vega. . . Heh, heh, heh

  2. I dunno, man. Looking at it objectively, it seems to me that luxury 1973 isn’t evan as nice as base model 2023.

    That’s a repeated pattern: todays peasants live as well as yesteryear’s lords.

  3. My father owned one new back in the day. He said it was unquestionably the worst car he had ever owned. Broke down on the way home from the dealer. At five years old, in a part of the world where roads aren’t salted, it was showing signs of visible rust.

  4. I had a 124 coupe that I took out on the racetrack a few times. Handling twice as good as the Alfas which lifted a wheel in hairpins and suddenly you were fighting tons of understeer. Lots of grunt low down but it ran out of breath fairly soon. A very easy engine to work on.

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