1. Thanks for that, made me choke and spill coffee from the laughter. If this is indeed how they think, all is well. There are enough hunters in our “small town” of 4000 to repel a division of idiots from say, Chicago (the closest megalopolis at 100 miles). Then again, how do them folks get to move 100 miles as a group in winter? On their electric scooters or skateboards? Snort! As a bonus, the purple and blue hair helps with aim.

    1. Reminds me of the story of the WWII German general at a diplomatic party in Switzerland who asked the commander of the Swiss forces he outnumbered 2 to 1 what the Swiss would do if he invaded.

      “Shoot twice and go home”

  2. OK, Sparky, bring it on.

    We’re going to need a bigger backhoe and a whole bunch of quicklime.

  3. Which state is the south’s middle finger?? I always thought WVa looked like a middle finger, but they weren’t part of the South during the War of Northern Aggression and subsequent Reconstruction.

    1. Indiana.
      MY state.
      South central. Brown County.
      Lots of farmland needing fertilizer, and lots of forests with very difficult terrain.

      We welcome them, as we are anxious for a county wide “party”.

      the Raging Patriot

      1. Also a Union state, so the don’t get the reference to Reconstruction. Having been there, also not a citizenry to mess with.

  4. Bad guys showing up 100 deep in a rural town is why they make 100 round magazines. Won’t even have to reload.

    1. I’m thinking a couple of 20-round mags (if that) would be all you’d need before the rest ran away.

      1. See, that is exactly the problem. After a few feral animals are dispatched appropriately, the herd runs away and I simply can’t run after them as well. Maybe I have to look into an ATV? I have a Toyota so maybe I can turn that into a technical although it’s not a Hilux. Looks like I have some projects coming up.


  5. Obviously our feisty little soy boy is largely unfamiliar with rural reality.

    Perhaps a quote from someone who could organize would help:
    “There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass”

    And tree leaf, and stalk of corn, and spike of wheat, and…

    It would probably be a one shot war when their sniveling little mask wearing “soldiers” scattered like leaves in a gale after the first one dropped with a “big blue mark in his forehead, and the back blown out of his head”.

  6. Hehehehehehehe. I figured this would cause a few chortles if Kim posted it. I wasn’t wrong. The combination of breathtaking ignorance and bravado is hilarious. It will almost not be sporting, akin to clubbing baby seals. But I’ll be happy to do what I must.

    Idiots. How did they get so far?

    1. “How did they get so far?”

      All our tax dollars. That’s why taxes are considered robbery.

  7. As you heard me say, my pat answer to the question “How many guns?” is “More than two and less than 100”.

    Show up 100 deep? Cool! The first shots will be al least 2-fer’s. 308 holes make invisible souls.

    Can’t help but think of this movie clip. I laugh every time I see it–


  8. In rural “Christian” America (whatever that means) most public safety work – law enforcement, fire fighting, EMS – is done by volunteers with maybe a small core of often poorly paid full time people. I served as a volunteer deputy sheriff for almost 30 years. I never asked my fellow deputies about their religion. We were too busy keeping the peace and watching our volunteer fire fighter friends risk their lives for no pay except the satisfaction of helping people.

    The antifa people have no idea of what rural volunteer people are capable of. We served in the military while they were majoring in gender studies. We worked hard for a living while they were living off student loans and daddy’s bank account. We can shoot pretty well and have more arms and ammunition than most small countries.

    A long time ago a bunch of guys in red uniforms who were led by arrogant idiots thought that they would go through the ignorant rural people pretty quickly. How did that work out?

  9. Mr. Drysdale: “What? You shoot the flies when they land on the molasses? With a rifle?”

    Jed: “Oh no, that wouldn’t be sportin’. We shoot ’em on the wing as they’re landin’.”

  10. Consider for a moment: you read a story that says there are more firearms in America than there are people. Ask yourself: where are those guns? Cities or rural towns? Who would be more likely to own more than one long gun and know how to use it and keep it working? I’ve seen the pictures of the gangsta thugs, all lined up with their AKs and such, and I can’t help but wonder if they know what to do when the magazine is empty. What if it jams? Do they know how to clear it? I look at the picture, and I wonder just how many of those weapons are being held by their legal owners? When those guns were stolen, did the thieves think to steal the appropriate ammunition, too?

    Terrapod mentioned how the blue and purple hair would make good targets. No, it’s easier than that. Black hoodie + black Fauci mask = target. Simple as that.

  11. Reminds me of the joke –

    What the hardest part of surviving a zombie apocalypse?

    Having to pretend you aren’t enjoying the hell out of it!

    That said, I think that particular piece of excrement actually came out several years ago and just gets repeated every now and then.

    1. Let’s see, no boss to nag me. I get to stay home, spend time with my family, tend the garden, read my books and whack the occasional zed. The downside might be the grid goes down and the lack of a good soundtrack.


  12. The town I live in is 70k not sure how is all comes down on the antifa, but early in that happiness I saw a antifa guy trying to cross the street. Not sure where he was headed but I saw him once. He might have moved away and would not know, but I saw him once. I have never seen him or any others since.

  13. How much ammunition do I have? Enough to enjoy and enough to be a pain in the back to move. Not enough is another acceptable answer.

    These criminals need to know that country folk tend to shoot guns for recreation and many own excavation equipment.


  14. The downside I see is that I believe that I am in an area where there are antifa and antifa sympathizers.


  15. Personally it smells of .gov fishing post.
    Hey I can’t do it but if you organize it I can get you money and supplies. We can be buddies!

    1. I was thinking it was some sort of trolling… but yeah, this sounds totally plausible. Those idiots in the Michigan plot/sting were outnumbered by government informants nearly 2:1.

    2. That hadn’t occurred to me; I don’t know why. But .gov trolling would be more plausible if the targets were to the right Karl Marx.

  16. Re “I’ve learned not to answer that question, it makes people uncomfortable”

    I know a guy who was cleaning out a shed and came across a tertiary stash of about 8k rounds *he entirely forgot about*.

    If you find yourself opposing folks who have forgotten about more ammo than you’ve ever even seen, it’s time to go home and rethink your life.

    1. Even worse is when you find a couple thousand rounds of a caliber you’ve never had a gun for, and can’t remember why or when you bought them.

      That’s happened to me twice already.

      1. One of those “that’s a hell of a deal, and I might still have a gun for them someday…”

  17. This has been around a while. I think I first saw the meme during the “occupy” nonsense, although I believe it predates that by several years.

  18. Notice that the author of this little screed doesn’t explain how attacking rural American towns will advance any of the causes on the Left’s agenda. He doesn’t claim it will accomplish anything. The only goals he mentions are to “punish” them, to make the “feel the heat,” to “crash their system and make them pay.” He’s motivated entirely by hatred and rage, and his objective is simply assault, murder, and destroy. If there is any political objective here, it’s to simply strike fear into to the hearts of your enemies so that they stop resisting and submit to your will.

    The English language has a word for people who think this way, and that word is “terrorist.”

    Of course, the author posts his screed from the anonymity of an account call “ripitthrowaway,” which has since been deleted. The English language has word for people like that, too: “coward.”

    1. .
      Umm… Precious, have you ever been outside your urban enclave?

      There’s a whole other world waiting for you.


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