One More Time

As always, Gummint wants to control our lives more and more, even if only on an annual basis:

Health officials announced Monday they want to make coronavirus booster vaccinations an annual event in America, renewing a call first made by President Joe Biden.

I have an annual flu shot because they seem to work, and more importantly don’t put me at increased risk of a heart attack — something which seems to be becoming more and more prevalent with Covid “vaccines”.  Also, they’re not compulsory.

So herewith my response to the “officials” and their annual Covid shots:


  1. Mixed feelings on this since I own stock in both Pfizer and Moderna, I welcome any promotion that drives sales, even if it means Taxpayer dollars. ( Hey – I didn’t make the rules of this game, but you need to know how it works if you are going to money at this casino )

    ….. just as long as they don’t overstep and make it mandatory. But this time around, i don’t think it will work as well. Just like the 55 MPH speed limit, any further Covid mandates will just be ignored. Particularly as more and more doubts grow about the efficacy of the ” Vaccine”.

  2. Don’t forget the rumor about combining Flu and Covid shots into one. Go to get your normal flu shot, get the clot-shot as a bonus. I’m avoiding all shots from here on out.

    1. Ditto. I am never getting any shot from any doctor again. Don’t care what it is. I am about to tell them to piss up a rope.

    2. Double ditto !
      I have been lied to by too many people about too many subjects
      for too long to trust ANYONE in the medical field or connected to the medical field.
      The trust is gone and will NEVER again be the way it once was.

    3. Paul B and Wallace are correct about distrusting medical “professionals” from now on but that’s a good thing. They wrecked a reputation they never should have had.

      For too long we have trusted untrustworthy people because a small number of their professions and guilds did amazing things. That was a really stupid thing for us to do, and I will never make that mistake again.

  3. The flu shot has low efficacy rates from several studies I have read a while back. When I worked in healthcare, we were told to push the flu shot in the autumn and by the end of January we were still seeing the same number of flu patients who had received the flu shot. We were told that they made the vaccine for the wrong flu variant that year. This happened every. single. year.

    I’m with Don. I don’t trust Big Pharma. Few people are altruistic. Also, when you put people in a crowd there is a strong impetus to go along to get along. This happens in protests that become riots and corporations that suddenly forget what ethics are and break the law.


    1. “we were told to push the flu shot in the autumn”

      I’ve heard it a few times from the nurse at work, my wife has heard it many more times. They tell us “if we could only get every single person to take the flu shot one year, we’d eradicate the flu forever!”

      OMG – that’s NOT how it works and anyone in the medical field should know that. I have to wonder just how simple some of those people are.

      1. I worked with some great nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals. The labotomies began when nurses became managers, directors etc. I have never met such a consistently stupid, foolish and arrogant oxygen thieves in my life. Nurse Manager and Healthcare Administrator are some of the most stupid people I have ever had the misfortune to work with. A crack head making their decision based on their next hit make more rational decisions than many of these people.


  4. I got the first two (Moderna) Covid shots, but none of the “boosters” since, and I won’t go for any other mRNA “vaccines” either. Gimme a good old fashioned egg-raised, real vaccine. Not these fake ones with side effects were only hearing about now.

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