No Exceptions

Not so much fun when it affects you personally, is it?

Oregon police are worried that if Ballot Measure 114 (BM 114) is allowed to take effect it may limit them to ten-round magazines and force them to get a permit in order to carry their firearms off-duty.

Among other things, BM 114 bans magazines holding more than ten rounds and requires residents to get a permit before being allowed to own a gun.

BM 114 contains an exemption for officers on duty, but there is confusion as to what hoops officers might have jump through in order to be armed and to maintain a standard number of rounds in their firearms when they are off-duty.

As the title of this post suggests:  no fucking exceptions.  Let cops and other government officials have to live under the bullshit laws that affect all citizens.

Even better would be if Oregon cops (of all jurisdictions) just come right out and say flatly that they’re not going to enforce any of this crap.

But they won’t, of course, and some “supplemental” law is going to be passed which carves out an exemption for law enforcement officers and deputies.

You heard it here first.


  1. you’re absolutely right. Doesn’t the 14th Amendment ensure equal protection before the law? These carve out exceptions for policemen, military are absolutely wrong. Oregon has Portland. Isn’t that the city that essentially evicted government and created the CHAZ, Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone?


  2. Minor point but did anyone else ever notice how we lowly peons
    are often referred to by ‘officers’ as ‘civilians’ ? What the H do ‘officers’
    think they themselves are ? Military ? Or worse !
    Unfortunately, the job attracts bullies who, thankfully are usually weeded
    out but not always – I had, um, conversations, yeah, that’s it, conversations
    with one or two who were NOT weeded out !
    And, yes, they should be required to operate under the same restrictions
    as the rust of us ‘civilians’.
    Sorry officers, but your life is not one bit mroe valuable to YOU than min
    is to ME ! Sorry, but I’ve lost a LOT of respect for law enforcement in general
    over the past 2+ years.
    And a ‘permit’, I’m sure easily revocable, to ‘own’ a gun ? Ah, yes, same
    as the Illinois FOID card, and we all KNOW just how effective THAT has been
    in reducing crime, especially in Chicago !!
    This is just more of the constant, endless push to destroy the
    Second Amendment. Eventually they will win. I’m not a pessimist, I’m a
    realist. They will win because they will NOT GIVE UP. Not now. Not EVER.
    This has been their crusade for almost 6 decades that I know of and have
    watched. It is constant, around the clock, every damn day, every damn place they find a ‘soft spot to push and capitalize on. In the end they will
    win, unless………………………………………………….

    1. They will keep trying to withdraw our Rights, and at some point it will Go Kinetic.
      At that point, they will discover that they have forfeited all of that trust and respect that they demand that we extend to them, and they will be treated with the utmost Extreme Prejudice.

  3. No exceptions! The people pushing this Ballot Measure are fond (pervertedly fond, at that) of saying that the high capacity magazines are intended only to kill lots of people all at once. What use are they then, to an organization whose motto is “To Protect and Serve.” Who will they need to kill in large numbers and quickly?
    No exceptions! As the Russian Marines said in “Battle Cry” by Leon Uris, “Toughski Shitski”

  4. We operate a small organic teaching farm near the outskirts of Eugene, Oregon.
    The area is bear cougar hog territory… and we are surrounded by goofballs in warehouse-pallet hovels covered with blue plastic tarps.
    My standard load before stepping outside — 114 of .300bo in twenty rounders on me plus thirty rounders in the truck.
    A nice round number.

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