Less Beauty In The World

I once wrote that Kirstie Alley was one of the five sexiest women in the world.  And now she’s gone (thank you, cancer, you fucking bastard).

My absolute favorite of her movies:  Sibling Rivalry.

Yeah, I know that she later ballooned out and was seven kinds of crazy, including Scientology.  Don’t care.  She had the world’s sexiest eyes, and laugh.

R.I.P., you gorgeous creature.


  1. In spite of the batshit craziness she was a looker back in her prime. She fell apart in middle age, but then I look in the mirror, and “sic semper”

  2. Top right corner of the Hot / Crazy Matrix. (worked to stay there and seemingly proud of it. )

    1. It’s a bad thing when hotness makes you forget the rule, “Don’t stick it in crazy.”

      Aside from mental instability, dieting will make a woman cranky. I suspect she spent most of her life fighting to stay on the hot side of that fine line between “deliciously curved” and “Miss Piggy”.

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