Not Our Game

As Longtime Readers know, I’m a huge fan of football (“soccer”) so I was quite distraught that Team U.S.A. was booted out of the World Cup last week.  This, however, got up my nose, big time:

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte trolled President Joe Biden on Twitter, poking fun at the U.S. men’s soccer team’s loss to the Netherlands in the World Cup during the first round of the tournament’s knockout stage on Saturday.

In a promotional video posted Saturday morning, Biden had wished the U.S. team luck as the players prepared for their match against the Netherlands. Holding a ball in front of the White House, Biden said that “it’s called soccer” before reassuring the team, “You’re going to do it!”

Following America’s 3-1 loss on Saturday, Rutte responded to Biden’s tweet, saying, “Sorry Joe, football won.”

No, Dutchie… soccer won.  Had your little nation of Heinekenners fielded a team of NFL-type footballers and played us at, oh, Lambeau Field in late December, you would have lost by a lot more than 3-1.

We’re not that good at soccer because we just don’t care about it.  It’s pretty much the same as Formula 1 — we have perfectly-good alternatives right here.

Oh, and now that the Germans have been eliminated, you may actually have a chance of winning the Cup, instead of being beaten like a drum by them since, errrr, 1939.

And speaking of the disturbances in the early 1940s… you’re welcome.


  1. I’m always grateful when the US goes down in flames, resulting in soccer being exiled from ESPN’s attempts to convince me it’s a real sport.

  2. The swamp Germans are busy throwing farmers off their ancestral lands so they can build slums for third world migrants. Actively turning their country into a shithole will probably make them better at soccer but nothing else.

  3. I have close family members who live in the Golden Shower state, and LOVE Soccer. We visited them and they couldn’t wait to get us interested. I’ve never been more bored, and 40 years later still do not see the appeal.

  4. Don’t know who said it, so apologies for being unable to give him the credit: If I wanted to watch a bunch of guys spending a couple hours struggling to score, I’d take my friends to the bar.

  5. Quite so. Rutte is a globalist cunt, WEF shill, intent on destroying his country such as it is, as Drake points out.

    So not just a tactless twat, but an evil cunt.

  6. Football won. Americans don’t play football, they play handball and call it football.
    The name says it all, FOOTball. No using your hands 🙂

  7. It’s always been soccer in English. It was named so for the AsSOCiaction football, back in the 19th century. It didn’t change until a wave of anti-Americanism in Britain in the 1980s.
    Calling it “football” in English is purely anti-Americanism, start to finish.

  8. Sometime last week (I think), I ran across a blog post or reply somewhere in which someone referred to soccer as “metric football,” and meant it disparagingly.

    Clever. 🙂

    Went to look it up just now, and found that Urban Dictionary’s known about it for a while. I thought I might have been on to something new…guess not.

  9. Don’t give a monkey’s fart whether you call it soccer or football. It’s still a boring-assed game that’s akin to watching paint dry. The hooligans get all worked up over it because fighting is the only thing about this whole ball of schmutz that makes it worthwhile.

  10. One of America’s problems winning at soccer is that all the guys that can reliably kick a ball between two posts under pressure are playing in the NFL.

  11. American sports keep the violence on the field, among players rather than fans. I think that’s pretty good, even if we did have to invent a game nearly as violent as rugby.

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