Stick It, Simon

And in so-called “medical’ news, we have this asshole sounding off:

White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha declared that the best way to “move on” from COVID-19 is actually to submit to an endless booster campaign for eternity.

Let’s just be polite and say that I am extremely skeptical of the efficacy of such “boosters”.


Despite having been vaccinated twice (as per government decree), both I and New Wife caught the Omicron pox soon after the second jab.  And nobody has yet proved to me that the new shots are going to be any more effective than the previous ones, or that having more pricks than Madonna on a random Saturday night will stop the ‘Rona.

So, not to be polite:

Get fucked, Jha’ll.


  1. We dodged it, assuming the facts is that it was loose in September of 2020, for 2 years. Although I was down with something in November of that year that was flu like but just wouldn’t let go, so maybe I was an early user rather than a 2 year dodger.

    But we finally caught it, Docinabox test confirmation, at the beginning of November this year. 2 weeks of pure suck.

    But we now come complete with natural antibodies.

    So they can shove their vaccine with a fire hosed sized feed line and turn it up to full.

    If their vaccines, and paxlovid, work so fucking well, why did Fauci get Rona? Why did multijabbed President Moron get it multiple times? Why do the people in the wife’s office, which is where I’m sure she caught it to bring it home, why do these people keep coming down with it even though they were all vaxxed and boosted, per corporate mandate, if they wanted to actually go INTO the office without having their brains swabbed every week?

    Science? Yeah, the science of making a buck.
    And teaching the sheep to follow the Judas sheep into the nice brick building for “processing”.

  2. I’m amazed still trying to push the notion that people who “Test positive” but have no symptoms and never do are still somehow infected and labeled Asymptomatic, and therefore no one must not question the accuracy of the testing. In a normal world ( that we used to live in ) that would called a “False positive test”.

    No wonder the data is all crap.

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