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And if that’s not enough to make you feel sick:

...and to think that all they brought with them were guns, a decent concept of government, and sound agricultural practices.

...that they know about.

...and I want a money bush to grow on my patio because that has better odds of becoming a reality.

...if you’re going to lie, why not go Full Goebbels?

...before I came here, I’d always thought that unlike Apartheid South Africa, America was all about NO racial categories.  Silly me.

...I wouldn’t even spend that kind of money on a chair if Gwyneth was part of the deal, gagged and tied to it.  Wait...

...hands up all those who are surprised by this headline… hmmm, nobody, huh?  And:

...not an actual bomb;  just a DVD of Disney’s Strange World (see above).

...from Ford:  where pronouns are seemingly more important than quality.

...don’t care, because I have more gin than .45 ACP in reserve.

From the Dept. Of Cultural Assimilation:

...just couldn’t wait to get stuck into that infidel poontang, could he?

...we need more of this.  Also scourgings.




Worth a hundred-odd bucks?  I report, you decide.


  1. Why would I pay anything for a 2023 Calendar set of photos I’ve already seen? Even if this was 1963 and I was 12 again and the price was $ 10

  2. About that first picture up at the top. I love good smoked fish, especially fond of the smoked whitefish that my wife’s maiden aunt used to get from one of her neighbors in Dunkirk, NY. She’d wrap it carefully and pack it in her suitcase when she would come to visit, pre-TSA. And I’m partial to the Polish wodka she would also bring.

    We never considered mixing the two, or dipping the fish in the vodka, we did have some interesting evenings drinking vodka and sharing her stories of the family from the old country.

    1. Maybe it means that “singular they” never learned to count, not even on her/his fingers. Same as right from wrong, no one ever taught it.

  3. You notice how the gun control narrative has changed since the mid-terms?
    Instead of wanting to ban the ee-ville Assault Weapons, the Dems want to go after “semi-automatic” firearms.
    Grabby bastards are never satisfied…

    “…don’t care, because I have more gin than .45 ACP in reserve.”

    You need to do something about that, “because ammo will get you through times of no gin better than gin will get you through times of no ammo.”
    (With apologies to Freewheelin’ Franklin.)

    1. Trust me, I have a sufficient quantity of .45 — as the Son&Heir once said: “Looks like my kids, and possibly their kids, won’t ever have to buy any ammo in their lifetimes.”

  4. In re:
    1. Ms. Dunn. Calendar’s a little pricey. But at least she doesn’t have a bunch of hideous tattoos.
    2. Algerian: Another example of the failure of “Magic Dirt Theory”.
    3. Disney: They don’t care. These types of movies consistently bomb, and they still keep churning them out because boundaries need to be extended and redefine normal.

  5. Your Dear Diedre selection might be more newsworthy if told from the husband’s perspective.
    “I got cancer and now my wife is stepping out every night with some jerk.”
    I can’t believe much sympathy would be given if the situation were reversed: oh, but her needs aren’t being met and her husband should just man up to that fact.

  6. Back in the Bad Old Days in the Top End of Oz where men were men and women were few and far between, a male of First Nation descent was known derogatorily as an Abo (refer the Pat Boone song) and a female was a Gin. Which led to the punch line “I’ve just had a Gin on the Rock and now the whole bloody tribe’s after me!”

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