Reminder and RFI

As you all will recall, I canceled my PayPal and Venmo accounts because reasons, but of course that means that I can’t get any electronic payments from supportive Readers through that medium anymore.

I know it’s a PITA to write checks, but until I set up an alternative, please send donations via that medium at the Sooper-Seekrit mailing address (6009 W. Parker Rd, Ste 149-141, Plano TX 75093) until I set up another electronic payment method.  In the interim, rather than sending monthly donations by check (as many of you do), please consider using Patreon instead in the meantime.

Which brings me to the RFI:  if not PayPal/Venmo, then who?

Suggestions please, in Comments.

This inflation thing is kicking my ass — I mean, really kicking my ass — and without your support I’m now, for the first time in forever, facing complete ruin in that the combination of New Wife’s salary and my SocSec income is barely sufficient to cover the monthly nut.  My Bleg-A-Thon turned out to be a huge bust, which is why I haven’t commented on it before.  I understand times are tough for everyone, but times are also much tougher for some than for others;  and if you’re in the latter group, please consider helping me out.

And you have no idea how much that last paragraph burned me to write.


  1. Another vote for Zelle.
    If it’s good enough for Navy Federal Credit Union, it’s good enough for me.

  2. The Wife tutors kids using Zoom and gets paid electronically – usually Venmo and Zelle. No problems with either.

  3. Zelle has worked very well for me, too. And the transfer is near instantaneous. The only problem I ever had was bank security flagging a new transferee. A quick call to the bank, and he had the money in a minute.

  4. My bank allows me to “write a check” online and they print it off an mail it to the recipient.

    1. Isn’t that just for an established business? Any suggestions for just one guy? I’ve dropped PayPal and I want to drop Venmo, owned and operated by PayPal.

  5. I already support you via Patreon, but the usual method of payment this side of the pond is BACS which runs off your account no and branch no for UK transfers and IBAN for international ones.

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