No Clothes, Also No Body

Via Insty, I came across this priceless pearl of wisdom:

Can’t We Just Admit That Modern Art Is Garbage?

Of course we can.  Because, as one wise man on Teh Intarwebz has noted:

…because, as another Internet sage points out:

“Who the hell would notice?” 

And he’s right:

(That painting, by the way, sold for $12 million, proving that…. well, you know the rest.)

It’s not art — and by the way, the revelation that some series of straight lines by Mondrian has been hanging upside-down in some gallery for decades should come as no surprise to anyone except an art “critic”, “connoisseur” or some pretentious art phony (lots of overlap).


  1. Well, maybe, sort of, it depends. The thing about modern art is that it is modern, time is the great sorter when it comes to art (and music) and not enough time has gone by to sort out the good from the bad. Much of what you say was also said of the impressionist movement (the first “modern art” movement and no one thinks that any longer, but most of the impressionist painters are rightfully forgotten, the good ones stuck.

    IMHO – the expressionist and surrealist movements will last. The minimalist, pop art and post-modern movements will be almost entirely trash heaped. Particularly the minimalists will be forgotten- it is really just is just a put on.

  2. Remember that great line “you’re so ugly you could be a modern art masterpiece?” That sums up this modern “art” very accurately.

    Jackson pollack’s “work” reminds me of a kindergartner’s finger paintings. An adult producing that should know better


  3. Modern art sends the same message for every expression, “I’m hungry, have no valuable talent or skills. please buy my crap because I’m hungry.”


  4. Not as easy as it looks. Not the art – It’s the promotion the generates the $$.

    Pollack was a high functioning drunk who’s best career move, like a lot of Artists, was to die early and have a great agent. Most “Art” is all about promotion, and provenance. Basically, a giant Ponzi scheme with a high dose of forgery and grift built in.

    Hunter Biden’s art would expose the whole game if it wasn’t so blatantly obvious a ” pay to play ” influence deal.

  5. My only ‘rule’ ( forget where I picked this one up but ….) is, if I can
    do it, it’s NOT art.
    Technical drawings, fabrication etc, no problem.
    If my life depended on being able to draw, paint, whatever, a face
    or an animal, or even duplicate a sculpture etc, I’d lose !!
    A bunch of pieces of orange fabric hanging from arches in Central
    Park is NOT art. Jars of urine, with or without a crucifix inside are NOT
    art. Just my humble opinion.

    1. Wallace,
      You’re absolutely right. Fabric hanging from arches or frames in the park is a decoration, not art. Jars of urine outside of a urinalysis lab is rather disgusting.


  6. Modern art is such far advanced and clever con-job, fraud and money laundering scheme that it qualifies as great art, high art, well nigh perfect art.

    The fraud shuffles money from the stupid and dishonest, including individuals, businesses and especially governments and government employees. Those latter two are much more dishonest than the rest, but no matter. The victims, including voters and taxpayers, have for well over a hundred years now lined up to hand over their money, and still do.

    It moves some of the money to the artist, but much of it winds up in the hands of leftists who manage the museums and foundations which collect and manage the crap. The Museum of Modern art in NYC has a budget of 145 million every year. Wowsers, what a con job, I stand in awe that these people so easily prove the stupidity of the modern American.

    I travel a lot and take care to see modern art museums wherever I can. I love to see the horrible, horrible crap that the crooks produce and the suckers eat up. It makes me laugh out loud. The best, or the worst, depending on your POV, is the museum in Barcelona. Apparently modern Spaniards are even more stupid than modern Americans.

    It is immoral to let a sucker keep his money.

  7. I once heard someone refer to Pollock as “Jack the Dripper”, and I’ve called him that ever since. And recently I read, somewhere on the intarwebs, somone say Mark Rothko was a painter, not an artist. Nail on the head.

    I was at the Art Institute of Chicgo recently. Unfortunately yhey have a new modern art wing. Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid. I sat and basked in everything from Renaissance art to Impressionist masterpieces. It was a good day.

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