Classic Beauty: Dorothy Flood

In the 1930s, Dorothy Flood was considered one of the most beautiful faces in show business — but hey, don’t take my word for it;  judge for yourselves:



Then, after having spent her teenage years on Broadway, appearing in shows with established stars like Ruby Keeler, she became a Ziegfeld Girl — and met Ziegfeld’s “house” photographer, Alfred Cheney Johnson… and the rest became history.


Johnson is said to have remarked that Dorothy Flood was the most beautiful woman he’d ever photographed — and considering who and how many women he’d snapped, that’s no small compliment.



  1. Apparently, Miss Flood was born in 1912.
    Apparently, her nude photographic career began in 1927.
    Apparently, she was fourteen years old.
    Apparently, the zeigfeld follies dancers were recruited starting at thirteen years old.
    Apparently, the stage act was a form of advertising for other activities.
    Apparently, the dancers, starting at age thirteen, were required to participate in his ‘parties’ for the wealthy elite of new york city.
    After a series of arrests for prostitution, the ‘show’ was on ‘permanent tour’ among the wealthy elite of other, more progressive, cities.
    I do not much care for florenz zeigfeld.

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