Storm Front: Ian, You Bastard

Amidst all the tales of woe emanating from storm-battered Florida at the moment, few can be more tragic than this one:

Brand new McLaren hypercar worth over $1 MILLION is washed from Florida garage by floodwater from Hurricane Ian



I mean, the poor guy’s going to be left with only his Rolls to fetch groceries… talk about suffering.

(Afterthought:  his insurance agent is probably going to commit suicide — I bet that when he included a “we’ll pay if your McLaren is washed away in a storm” rider in the coverage, he thought he was onto a sure thing.)


  1. Why didn’t the idiot owner move it somewhere safe(r)?

    Like, say, Alabama? Or maybe Tennessee?

    1. Up until Wednesday morning, the storm was forecast to come ashore near Tampa, nearly 150 miles north of Naples. By the time they realized it was coming ashore just north of Naples, it was already too late to evacuate anything but people. We still have friends in Fort Myers that we haven’t heard from since yesterday.

      1. Just about all of Lee County is a massive disaster. Our son and fambly are in NW Cape Coral and we are in constant contact. We lived there for 40 years and moved away 16 years ago, I’ll never go back.

  2. Here in Texas, on the coast near Galveston, there are lots (and I mean LOTS) of high end real estate right on the water. I imagine that Florida is even worse. All that high end real estate also has high end toys in every garage. And the people that can afford all of that can also, presumably, afford to lose it all and then replace it again. It’s only us, the peons, who’d really suffer if our cars were destroyed, and who think about what it costs to replace all that.

  3. My late father’s ocean front house is on Casey Key, near Venice. Before Ian took a jog to the south it was right in the target zone. My step brother got the house when my father passed so I was disappointed by Ian’s jog. But Sanibel and Captiva were a direct Hit. The only access Bridge and Causeway are gone and will take a few months to replace, stranding several billion $ worth of Ocean front properties ( at least they used to be worth that much.) and who knows how many high end cars, as Don mentioned most of those houses have high end cars in the garage.

  4. ….. and in about 10 months when you see an ad for relatively cheap Mclaren with a salvage title and minor flood damage remember not to be tempted.

  5. Seen on WilderWealthyWise (paraphrased):
    Hurricane Ian destroyed several billion dollars in Florida property.
    The anticipated ‘jog’ through Detroit and Baltimore is expected to result is several billion in property improvements!

  6. Although this may be less painful to the Europhiles, a rare ’70 Plymouth Superbird was also severely damaged; the owner had four collector Mopars and managed to get two out in time, had the other two (including the Superbird) raised up on a 4 post hoist in his garage, but the water got high enough and hard enough to wash it off the hoist, out of the garage, and flipped it over. Same owner had a ’69 Dodge Charger Daytona that was also damaged.

    Not sure of the specifics, but if those two cars were rarer variants, that could be over half a million dollars…

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