1. So as Charles becomes King, what will Camillas’ official title be?

    And what about the next ascension to the throne? Will it be King William and Queen Kathryn or will she acquire a different title?

    1. As it stands, Charles is now His Royal Majesty King Charles III. I’m not sure what Camilla’s title is at the moment, but Elizabeth has already proclaimed that she will be a Queen Consort, like her mother was. She will most likely be crowned at the same time as Charles. William gets bumped up to Prince of Wales, and Kate will most likely become Princess of Wales as well. (Technically, Camilla had this title but she didn’t use it.) When William gets the Crown, she will also most likely become Queen Consort. I can’t believe that I know THIS much about the Brit monarchy.

      1. William didn’t automatically become Prince of Wales. That title will have to be conferred upon him by his father, which I expect it will be at some point in the near future. Charles was not made Prince of Wales until about five years after his mother became Queen. Currently, William and Catherine are the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge.

  2. Dang. European royalty doesn’t mean much to me but Elizabeth was Queen seven weeks longer that I have been alive. She was more of an institution than a monarch.

  3. The world has somehow become a “lesser” place today. Rest in peace and may your memory be eternal.

  4. I had a bad feeling when I saw news of all her kin were arriving at Balmoral, while ER II was having a medical issue.

    Requiescet in pace, God save the UK.

  5. Elizabeth spent an entire life comporting herself so as to be worthy of the awesome privilege she had stumbled into. Considering all the wretched figures on the world stage over the last century, she was a rare beacon of dignity and decency shining in the dark of night.

  6. She was a tough broad when she was younger, and stood up to people that our leaders bent over for.

    She lived a hell of a life.

  7. For most of my life, I thought Queen Elizabeth was a mere figurehead, but the more I learn about world events of the last 70 years, the more I realize that she was often able to subtly influence outcomes, often in good ways for good ends, especially within the Commonwealth. She was truly a class act.

  8. She was quite literally a person from a different age. Remember her love of horses and riding and also her bespoke shotguns and hunting. Ain’t no other gal around today on the world stage like her. R.I.P. your majesty. May the Good Lord open his arms to her.

  9. Sad she had to go knowing her son was married to Megan Markle.

    My Grandmother bore a strong resemblance to QEII.

    A elegant person from a lost age of elegance.

    1. I saw a meme with the Queen telling James Bond “Just the wife, Bond, I’ll take care of the ginger myself.” Which I don’t think violates the ban on humor because it is complimentary of the second Elizabeth Regina as we know that the former subaltern could handle herself quite well.

  10. I’m an American and quite pleased that we throw Elizabeth’s great to the fourth or fifth grandfather out of the country. But, I certainly respected her a great deal. Despite being born in royalty, she was much more of a public servant than almost every Congresscritter and other elected official we have. And let’s not even get started on the various unelected bureaucrats. We would all be better off if everyone understand their role and worked on it as hard as Elizabeth Regina II did.


    And don’t mess up what your mom did, Charles, or Great Britain might have another Long Parliament!

  11. Growing up ‘murcan, I was at times indifferent to the monarchy, at others baffled by it, and more to the point, by the support for the monarchy from such disparate samples of the Commonwealth. Your everyday Joe, the soldier, the punk rocker, all seemed to support the Queen… But when I’d see speeches she has made over the years, and the early ones weren’t available to search and watch in pre-intarwebz days so seeing them was random and spread far and wide, I would get it. She exuded British resolve and class.
    RIP, may you and Phillip enjoy your afterlives without the rigidity and responsibilities that life dumped in your laps.

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