1. “Rural people do this for fun…”, they forgot to include, “…from 300 yards away.”

  2. I got fixated on the ladies with the shopping cart. Look how dolled up they are to be out grocery shopping.

    Look at the enourmous loaf of sammich bread. That looks like a normal, maybe slightly smaller cart, but that’s a huge loaf. Damn thing was probably less than a quarter.

    That’s what – $500 worth of stuff in that cart these days?

  3. The above indicates that you have regained your normal condition of pervert-in-chief.
    Welcome back!

  4. When my wife and I separated, I bought a new queen size bed for my apartment. And it’s ALL my side.

    1. The sheets in the photo look like an ideal gift for an ex!
      Or perhaps her new squeeze. Just to let him know what’s what.

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