Have Mercy

It’s not often that one sees something of such beauty, such an exquisite heritage and all the things that givee petrol-heads / piston-heads a headache, and an overwhelming desire to possess.

Well then, how about this 1951 Maserati A6G/2000 AC Frua Spyder:


Here’s the whole story of the car;  and yes, forget the price, as you would for an original Monet painting.  Rather, just marvel at the artistry.


  1. The basic simplicity of those early 1950’s cars was great tachometer, speedometer, oil pressure, water temp, a choke, starter, switch for lights and maybe a turn signal switch, all within easy reach. That is an interesting light in the middle of the grill, I assume it is a high speed driving light.

  2. If I had the means, this car would be a welcome addition, and would be – as it should – regularly driven. DeeDee, and her sister, would always be welcome to assist.

  3. Merciful Heaven! Why is this car not reproduced in fiberglass with a tube frame? As far as I know, Maserati does not pretend that every car it ever produced is still in their inventory and so is under copyright.

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