1. Geoffrey De Havilland was her first cousin, albeit 30 some odd years her senior. But, yeah, same family. As the aviation pioneer.

  1. Perhaps best remembered for a 100 year feud with her actress sister. Talk about grudges !

  2. A quick search of this site reveals that you have yet to do Classic Beauty Maria Conchita Alonso. Who didn’t believe that a film could be called “made” until she’d screwed every man in the cast. Women too who knows. Her screen sex scenes were the real thing.

    1. She was crowned Miss Teenager World in 1971 and later as Miss Distrito Federal became the first runner up in the Miss Venezuela 1975 competition placing later that year in the top seven of the Miss World 1975.

  3. She was also a patriotic American who worked undercover with the FBI to expose and break up a Communist front group.

    (This story was only revealed after her death.)

  4. Hell, that old broad was around until fairly recently. Think she was well over 100 when she passed.

    A mighty fine woman.

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