…And One That’s Pure Louisiana, Cher

Okay, maybe Florida too;  but the Cajuns got there first.

A man in Louisiana is facing various drug charges and wildlife violations after authorities found him with too many sharks in his boat and an undisclosed amount of methamphetamine.

I just can’t.

You can tell from the number of tags to this story that I have absolutely no clue how to categorize this.



  1. Is this article code word for Hunter Biden?

    A dude on drugs with lots of supply of drugs around him, surrounded by sharks like Nancy Piss Flaps Pelosi, hookers like Kamala and of course “the big guy” dementia Joe?

    Nope. Authorities won’t raid those dirty crooks. Only small time amateur crooks get bagged.

  2. “…had an undersize shark…”

    I don tink da size of a man’s shark be any kina crime. Ain’t da LDWF got sumptin betta to do, cha?? Dis ain’t Texas, y’ know.

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