1. Less

    ….Sorry. It’s an age thing. Note the painter’s hands.

  2. Less gas more SNATCH


    Less gas more MONEY (seeing as how gas is so high in price thanks to Joe and the Hoe)

    Speaking of the Hoe

    Less gas more SWALLOWING , that would be the national Hoe’s saying.

    1. There once was an Indian and Jamaican Hoe,

      Her boss was a demented old fool named Joe,

      Altogether they blamed Putin and the climate change weather,

      While the Liberals and them fucked up the economy as birds of a feather,

      Joe sniffed kids while Kamala cackled,

      Ghislane Maxwell remained locked up and shackled,

      When the chips are down, as we all know,

      Joe has dementia and Kamala is a dirty Hoe

      And while libs blame Putin for high priced gas,

      Kamala is not blowing, rather the American taxpayer is getting fucked in the ass.


    1. The person being painted looks like a woman. Let me know if I am Incorrect , however, so far I have not heard of any female cases of monkey pox?

      Seems like the proper term is homo pox.

      Though I have heard that someone infected can touch someone else and spread this garbage?

      tell the homos to keep 6 feet distance. If they say that’s discrimination tell them
      You homos we’re afraid of Covid and wanted 6 feet distance. Put a mask on your cock. Touche.

      1. just cuz it look’s womany and has womany type clothing on, don’t mean a thing anymore

      1. “Less Gas, More…”

        “…affordable electric vehicles powered by clean, renewable, sustainably generated electricity, collectively owned and equitably distributed in a way that smashes the patriarchy and respects the rights of all LGBTQA2+5=7R STUVWXYZ and BIPOC peoples and all other living creatures and…”

        The print got too small to read with the naked eye.

  3. Hunter Biden says

    “less gas, more drugs, back door deals, and cash”.

    Joe Biden says

    “less gas more ice cream. Cmon man!”

    Kamala Harris says

    “Less has more Hahahahahahahaha… where is Willy Brown’s cock???”

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