One Day At The Mail

On the average day, I first check this website, read the Comments and emails, then I go to Chris Muir’s Day By Day, then to Insty, and then to the Daily Mail.  That’s pretty much it, and then I trawl through other sites more or less as they occur to me.

At the DM, I see the news, mostly Brit of course, and pick up bits and pieces that I think warrant either a post or for inclusion in the News Roundup.  As I do that, I see en passant articles about the usual motley selection of slags, hussies, whores, reality show “stars” and media personalities (some overlap), which I either ignore because I have no idea who they are, or else because I do know who they are (e.g. the Kardashian coven) and refuse to clutter my already-overstuffed brain with that shit.

My Brit Readers may know who these women are, of course, but that’s their problem.

I have to admit, though, that I am occasionally seduced into reading some of the former, simply because the women look quite attractive, and I’m as much a sucker for a pretty face as any man with the proper hormones, if you see what I mean.

So last Thursday (I think), I decided to collect a couple-three pics of each of the prettier totties featured on that day, and present them to you as a sort of collage, if you will.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t know who they are (or even care), as what passes for fame in Britain pretty much means singers, actresses or “media personalities” (again, some overlap), or else the Royal Family (who have no attractive totties in their ranks anyway).

Anyway, here are the ones I chose, in no specific order.

Tina O’Brien

Jess Impiazzi

Suzanne Shaw

And finally, Denise Van Outen (I do know who she is, simply because she’s been around for a long time, she was a guest on Top Gear, and she’s aged quite gracefully in that sort of Helen Mirren way)

If you want to know more about them, go ahead and search online — I don’t feel like doing the work for what is, after all, just eye candy.

I may do this again on occasion, unless the reaction in Comments is vitriolic and involves dodging a storm of (virtual) rotten tomatoes tossed in my direction.


  1. Keep up the posts of women. You have good taste. I rarely know who they are either and do the same thing. When you mention them sometimes I go find out who they are. I quickly forget the information.

    Have a great day!


  2. As with taste in cars, guns, and architecture, you have exquisite tastes which align with my own well above 95% of the time. So it goes with totties. I think you should post one post like this for each post about cars, guns, or buildings. If that becomes too onerous a task, than work it into the rotation. Cars, buildings, guns, totties. Cars, totties, guns, totties, buildings, totties is preferable, of course, but we don’t want to make too many demands on your time.

    But, yes. These should be a regular feature. My budget for your upcoming subscription drive just went up a bit. 🙂

  3. I suggest keeping it going. I likes me some real wimmen-flesh, and you seem to have an eye for it. As for the who/what/where/why of these dollies, dgaf.

  4. Yes, Kim, the sidebar on the Daily Mail’s site has me frequently going “Who? Oh. Who cares?” And I may not always agree with your taste in women (de gustibus non disputandum est), but it’s your blog, and we’re guests here, so you go and blog about anything you like. As much as you like.

    Personally, I think Suzanne shaw is a cute little thing, but I’d like to have seen Jess Impiazzi before the abudantly obvious enhancements.

  5. Tina O’Brian, in her white gown, gives us a bit of the glamour of Vikki Dougan, who scandalized the ’56 Oscars with her backless gown.

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