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And in other news that leaves a bad taste in your mouth:

maybe if you hadn’t invaded Ukraine…?

hands up those who’d prefer to see Sweden and Finland in NATO instead of Turkey — hmmm… all of you, huh?

the competition to see how many tampons someone can fit into their mouth will begin in 3…2…1…

as I told the officer during the Girl Scout Incident Of 1989.

there are so many reasons not to order a Diet Coke at any time, e.g. it tastes like shit, makes you thirstier and has as much effect on your weight as a Classic Coke — so its extra fizziness is just a bonus.

Great Moments In Medicine:

or as we call it in Murka, a “Clinton Suicide”.

thus proving that shit movies can be bad for your health.

or, more succinctly:  Get Woke, Get Fucked.

in order of importance:  dogs, chocolate, heat-sensitive explosive devices, soft plastic items, babies.

And in no-link INSIGNIFICA:



I report, you decide: 


And that, as they say in the Anglosphere, is the news.

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  1. Not against bigger wimmens in general, but this is just corporate wankery, OBVIOUSLY trying too hard. Reminds me of watching Saturday morning cartoons as a kid, they always had these stupid finger wagging commercials about not doing shit you would have never even thought about doing in the first place. It was more wankery trying too hard.

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