Biggest Regret

Here’s one for everyone in Comments:

“What is the gun you most regret selling, swapping or losing?”

You get one, and only one.  No 1a, 1b, 1c, or top 5 or any of that nonsense.

One gun, and one only.

Here’s mine:

  • Taurus Mod 62C SS pump-action .22 LR, stolen most foully out of my house in the Great Gun Burglary Of 2021.

If I could ever find the goblin who stole it, I’d flay him alive then roast him over a slow fire like a stuck pig.


  1. Never sell, only buy. Had one stolen once, which I obviously regret, but I quickly purchased a replacement.

    Ironically, I do have some guns that I’ve regretted buying, but those still never get sold, only pushed to the back of the safe to collect dust.

  2. S&W 25-5, Metalloy finish,round butted;tuned by Charlie Price at old Sports Shack in Colfax.Wa. Damn doctor’s bills…

  3. Mine is but a humble Remington Model 870 12 gauge pump shotgun, 28″ barrel, modified choke. Had a beautiful stock. An excellent tool for waterfowl. Enjoyed carrying this gun through the fields while pheasant hunting here in Wisconsin. Never should have let it go.

  4. A Ruger SP-101 .38, 2”bbl. First handgun purchase and didn’t know enough about snubbies to truly appreciate it – sold to fund what turned into a series of budget compact pistols as I tried to find the right carry gun, none of which in retrospect were an improvement over that Ruger!

  5. I bought and sold quite a bit when I was younger, allowing me to sample more firearms than if I just bought and kept. Can’t say that there’s any one big regret. The only firearm I sold that I would consider getting again would be that Ruger new model Blackhawk in .44 Magnum with the 8″ barrel. That was quite the gun, but very expensive to feed prior to my getting into reloading. However it was sold and whatever I got in trade was less than memorable, since I can’t remember what it was.

  6. Never lost or sold a firearm. Once in my clutches it’s mine forever. I do have a PA 63 that under the right circumstances I would part with for something better. Last gun I’d ever part with is my SW mod 19, talk about an old friend through thick and thin. Invite me over for the goblin roast if it happens

  7. I traded a Ruger Blackhawk in .357mag with a 6″ barrel with the box and papers with cash for a used Beretta 92FS with no box or papers. I’m sure the Ruger went up in value. The Beretta is nice but I should have just paid cash rather than trade the Ruger.

    I also let a P14 in 303British go because my Uncle convinced me that it didn’t suit my collection of Lee Enfields. He was wrong.


      1. Kim,
        yes P14 in 303 British. Never seen another one of them ever, not a museum, no another person’s collection, not a gun show, not a gun shop. It had the volley sights too if I recall correctly. Bought for $450 sold for about the same around 1997 or so. I don’t recall if it was a Remington or Eddystone. In retrospect it would have been a prize among WWI and WW2 British firearms.


        1. My dad collected P14/M1917 rifles. The had 2 P14s, one of them he bought for $100 in the late 90’s. Guy had inherited it, but didn’t want an “ugly rifle in a foreign caliber.”

          A sweet shooter.

  8. Valmet 62/s.

    One of my first rifle purchases. Bought it for $325 in 1977, sold it for $500 when I needed money for college. Now worth $5,000 plus, if you can find one.

    Best AK I have ever owned.

  9. Can’t say I’ve sold a gun I regretted selling. I generally don’t sell guns.

    However, there was this JCM800 half-stack Marshall I had once . . . .

  10. Grandfather’s Winchester Model 12. House full of kids and Needed to get the washing machine repaired.

    1. Still have my grandfathers model 12, circa 1917, 12 ga. I wonder how many grandfathers have passed along their model 12’s over the years?

      Also have my dad’s Winchester model 71, .348. My son will eventually get both. But hopefully not soon.

  11. Savage Model 24, break action, 22WMR upper barrel, 20 ga lower. First gun I hunted with in the early 70’s.

  12. Walther PPK/S in nickel. Traded it for a professional DVCAM deck.
    The deck is now completely obsolete. It would be nice to still have the pistol.

    1. Phelps,
      If it makes you feel better the Interarms made model I have owned bits when gripped too high and the recoil is snappy.


  13. BTW, Kim there is a gun that I regret not buying. About 15-20 years ago you recommended picking up a Marlin Camp Carbine in .45ACP because it takes a common easy-to-find caliber and accepts 1911 magazines. It took me over 15 years to actually find one, but one day back in 2018 I finally stumbled across one at a gun show. I gave the guy all the money I had on-hand and then sprinted to the ATM to get the rest for him. It was one of those guns on my “must buy immediately no matter what” list and I’d been actively looking for it ever since you mentioned it all those years ago.

    My regret.. the very next show, the very same guy was selling a second one. I regret not buying that one as well.

  14. Way back in the late ’70s, I had to pawn my Smith & Wesson Model 19 to put groceries on the table (for the children.) I took a second job just to get it back. There was a chip out of the grip, but I never did that again.

    I retired from that “second job” after almost 20 years (I had a “first job” that was actually going to pay a pension.) I would still have the Model 19, except for the unfortunate boating accident when I lost it in the deep water in front of Roosevelt Dam,

  15. A Star PD45. Very compact little .45ACP that Jeff Cooper highly recommended as a gun “which should be shot little and carried much.” Sold it, why, I have no idea. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  16. My dad had two Colt stainless steel short barrelled revolvers, .357 and .45 (I think) and an Italian gold plated .22 pistol. The Canadian government made them illegal and required dad to turn them in. This was before the Canadian gun registry so they didn’t even know he had them.

    I stupidly, stupidly told him to obey the law. Never, ever again, from now on it’s ABS or Sched 40 flue capped pipe, desiccants and a shovel.

  17. I have traded a few through the years without any regret. What I do regret is not buying a beautiful Savage 99 in .250 Savage at Kittery Trading Post (you have been there). “I’ll think about it and come back tomorrow” That strategy was flawed, ergo no gun for me.
    Now I will put a down payment on a gun, at least that will secure it. Worst case, you will get a store credit for the down payment if you change your mind.

  18. IF we are talking about regrets not buying. Had a chance to buy a Marlin guide gun, in 45-70 with a ported barrel. It was $350 and I walked away, my 2 friends I was with said I was missing a deal of a lifetime. I’ve never seen anything close since. I also walked away from a 6.5 swede Mauser at an estate sale for around $300, I didn’t know much about Mausers at the time

  19. Guns I regret not buying?

    An enfield ww2 revolver with holster and such marked to the RAF $350


  20. Well, I had two U.S. Springfield 45-70 Trapdoor 1884 rifles. One standard and one carbine. During a move that I supervised the Carbine disappeared. I know who stole it, but he was long gone. His wife confirmed that he probably was the one who took it, but they were divorced and she had no idea where he went. It was in great shape. (I never dared shoot with modern 45-70 ammo. But…damn). That was only 39 years ago and I am still pissed.

  21. There have been several over the years but the one that is most bothersome is a Ruger Mark I in stainless with 6″ barrel that I sold in the early 80’s due to needing the coin. They are almost impossible to find now and unbelievably expensive.

  22. SIG P228. German-marked. My first gun.

    The grip was just a liiitle too girthy for me, and I could never shoot it worth beans, so I traded it in towards a factory-new CZ-75b. I don’t regret buying the CZ, but oh man do I regret letting that SIG go. If I hadn’t been cheap and had bought some thinner grips for it, maybe taken better care of it too, I could’ve made it a better fit and learned to master it. That trigger spoiled me. Silky-smooth DA and crisp, short SA.

    Picked up a LNIB W-German P220 a few years back. I’ll die before I let that one go.

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