Similarity Overload

I’ve said before that I miss newspapers — when I was staying in Britishland a few years back I devoured the Free Markets’ Daily Telegraph  every morning — and most of the reason is that a newspaper covers a wide variety of topics.

This is no longer true since we all started getting our news on the Internet, because naturally we tend to gravitate towards websites which cater to our needs rather than ones that don’t.

The problem is that there is hardly any what I call “general” reading anymore — all the conservative sites cover pretty much the same dozen topics each day — which is why I read Britain’s Daily Mail and Sun newspapers avidly.  I know that they’re both pretty dire, but they’re free, offer more than just politicspoliticspolitics, and even if they sometimes read like the National Enquirer, it’s at least far more entertaining than reading How Biden Is Leading Us To Doom for the seventh time that morning.  (The Telegraph  is behind a paywall, sadly, and all American newspapers are either also thus immured, or else horrible Lefty rags [some overlap] which I will not give the time of day).

My twice-weekly News Roundup features my attempts to address that ghastly sameness, albeit in a lighthearted manner, and the variety of topics I choose to “summarize”  reflects that ideal.  And unlike Instapundit, who I think tries to do more or less the same, my Roundups feature scantily-clad women, because just because.

Anyway, I didn’t start this post meaning for it to become so serious, so to lighten things up a little, herewith some gratuitous pics of things that I like:

(Try finding that joke at Breitbart or The Federalist…)

And finally:

You’ll never find that combination of topics at any single website, but you should at mine… along with


  1. you summed up exactly why I read your blog. You touch on a variety of subjects. Although I’m not into cars and guitars as you are, I find it interesting to learn something of these areas of interest.

    How many times can it be said that socialism and its siblings are evil, based on human vises and are doomed to failure every time they are implemented? Every day at least a dozen examples are on display either repeated or some new depth of depravity is on display.

    Like you, I refused to give money to these propagandists. They can go out of business.


  2. When you return to New England you can see a Fieseler Storch at the American Heritage Museum in Hudson Massachusetts. You could drive one of Mr. Collings’ tanks as well. (He has lots of tanks!) Well worth a trip if you are in the Boston area.

    1. We have a trip scheduled to the new location of Mr. Collins splendid collection on May 14th. …. and most are operational as well.

      1. You will be amazed, a very professional presentation of part of the Collings Foundation collection. The docents there are knowledgeable, friendly and eager to share their experiences with any and all. Ask lots of questions while you are there. They are expanding the 75,000 square foot new building as we speak, or it is planned to house more stuff. Father’s Day is always a big event, lots of collector cars and antique cars in the parking area ( the Collings family front lawn, part of the 75 acre site).

  3. I used to read the paper every day. Eventually the paper became filled with AP stories so I stuck to the op ed and letters to the editor page, comics and crossword. I figured that if a story was important then someone would write to the editor about it. The comics gave me a chuckle from time to time and I enjoyed the crossword. We subscribed to the local fish wrapper for a few years to get the coupons until they published something that pissed off my wife. It takes a lot to piss her off. I had low expectations for the content of the paper so i wasn’t surprised by the nonsense they published. We canceled that subscription immediately. Won’t subscribe again. Bought a daily paper a few years ago and they wanted a buck for the bird cage liner. The previous time I bought a daily paper it was fifty cents or something. never again. They can rot in their moonbat ivory tower


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