No Fun At All

…and by “fun”, I mean for us fans of Train Smash Women and their regrettable decisions, as we turn our gaze towards the Cheltenham Festival in Gloucestershire, Britishland:


…not to mention the ever-debonair Richard Hammond:

And the couples looked fine, too, with nary an exposed boob or garish tattoo:


All well and good, but…

Roll on Aintree, I say.

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  1. I miss Trains Smash women of the races. too bad I can’t find a Bingo Card with tattoo, wrong size dress, woman busting out of dress, seams about to tear, etc


    PS to add, I wondered what happened to my Grandfather’s golf bag. The woman in the red plaid, steward plaid? appears to be wearing them. I had my Grandfather’s Sam Snead golf clubs from the 50s or 60s for a while and they were in a faded plaid bag like that woman’s pants. If the sun faded colors weren’t hideous enough, the rain cover was in a pouch so didn’t get bleached out. It was brighter and uglier.

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