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Endorsed by the late Linda Lovelace, no less.  Annnnnnd…  on with the news, starting with the furriners…

sell it somewhere else, Mick;  we’re not gonna buy it.  And still wearing of the green:

because Greens hate all humanity, anyway.

a Catholic cardinal, of course.

it’s going to fail. You heard it here first.

seeing as Syria is no longer a war zone?  That’s the excuse, anywaythe Danes are just sick of all that imported Muslim crap.

Back home, the insanity continues:

well yeah, they’ve been doing that since Woodrow Wilson’s administration.

never was.  See all entries under the Gratuitous Chick Pics.

his defense:  just doing his bit to end the homeless problem.

racist fucker.  Oh wait:

But as we all know, Blacks cannot be racists.  So Jamal is just a common-or-garden street thug.

I think Mitt’s less relevant to the GOP now than Bob Dole, and Dole’s dead.

you mean California, New York and Illinois are getting fucked by their own anti-business policies?  NO!



Finally, speaking of newspeople and journos:  I think we are all admirers of Marina Ovsyannikova, the blonde totty who crashed a Russki TV news program with an anti-war poster:

I think she should be offered political asylum, and given a job at Fox News.  She certainly has the boobs  qualifications:


…and as seen here in a pic with her lawyer:

(I mean, she can barely speak English, but that never stopped Dagen McDowell.)

That, or a centerfold.


  1. The Danes should look across the pond and take a gander at our 18th & 21st amendments, and the zany hijinks that ensued in between the two.

  2. Just to set the record straight, Dagen McDowell is the only one on Fox Business that speaks ‘Murican. Bunch of transplant Brits. She likes Nascar and defends the 2A. Here is a funny tweet of hers about Nu York…lol

    I’m thinking of packing a leaf blower to defend myself, since the Second Amendment doesn’t exist in this hellhole. At the very least, the combination of being irritating and looking insane might keep assailants at bay.

  3. The Irish got uppity towards their English oppressors every so often throughout their history. Unfortunately with their PM pushing the Globalist Agenda, they sound like a victim of domestic violence looking for another abuser, “Oh the new one doesn’t beat me as hard as the former one.” What a disappointing bunch of imbeciles. Maybe all the decent micks emigrated already.

    You’re right about the Russian newsreader who held up the poster protesting Putin’s Spring Road trip to the Ukraine. Does anyone watch Fox without pressing the mute button?

    Gee, before Ratzinger became Pope and abdicated, they called him God’s pitbull or something like that because he was unrelenting on dogma. The Catholic Church is in desperate need of another counter-reformation in the form of a thorough enema.

    Men enjoying pretty women is not a crime at all. I went from a heavily male industry to a heavily female industry and the women are far more crude and disgusting. Too many of the ones I was around will say the most vile and uncouth stuff and when your jaw drops they act shocked at your reaction.

    Mitt Romney is still kicking around? who knew? who cares?

    If making countries safe leads to repatriating refugees with their homeland then let’s roll Big Green and start colonizing the planet. Make these pissant countries feudal states to America, get them sorted out and leave them a system of courts, government and free market economic system and let then let them go. Might take a few generations but who cares.


  4. …you mean California, New York and Illinois are getting fucked by their own anti-business policies?

    1. Sadly the Democrat death cult and their minions won’t learn a damn thing. the racist Democrat cult members keep re-electing imbeciles with bad policies. They can get it good and hard and they still won’t learn


  5. Perhaps Fox could hire Ms. Ovsyannikova as a writer because her grasp of truth and her courage in saying that truth is even more impressive than her other attributes. Boobage is, after all, more common than wisdom and bravery. She could just quitely sit at her desk on camera while someone off camera with a nice voice read a translation of her thoughts.

    I’d watch.

    But mostly I’d listen.

    Yeah, I’m old.

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