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So off we go:

bloody hell, if Britain is your tax haven, how bad is California?

oh shut the fuck up, you ugly tart.  You lucked into fame, a luxury lifestyle and a multi-billion dollar divorce payout, but you’re still whining and butthurt.  What more do you want?

as opposed to all those wonderful constitutions written by noble Africans of yore… oh wait:  they couldn’t write?  Never mind.

as the nation cheers.

proof that even to liberals, they look the same.

From the Dept Of Covidiocy:

dumbass Kiwis:  did they not get the memo that Covid has been replaced by Ukraine/Putin as the bogeyman du jour?

damn Catholics, mistaking “Holy fuck!” for an activity, rather than an expression.

trust me:  unity with Commies isn’t such a great prospect for us, either.

and while we’re there, let’s have the U.S. pull out of the Warsaw Pact too.  Dumb bitch. 

…say what?  To quote the late, great Dennis Farinha:  “You guys invented the language;  why don’t you fucking speak it?”

and wait till you read what else they turned into weapons.

you mean, worse than Selma, even?  This race hustler needs a swift kick to the head.



And finally:

…and yes they did, in a triumph for chubby MILFs everywhere.

However, when she was younger:


And then came the Train Smash:  booze, pills, drugs, motherhood, tattoos, etc.:

And all this happened to someone who had (and still has) a lovely singing voice, and bundles of acting talent.

Sad, really.  I preferred her about a decade ago:


  1. I somehow missed that Tsarnaev’s sentence had been overturned. I’d prefer the gallows or the chair, but I’ll take his rotting corpse however we can get it. Rolling stone must be heartbroken over their dreamy coverboy.

  2. Tsarnaev shouldn’t be fried, given a lethal injection or anything like that. Run him through a wood chipper feet first with the machine on a pulse setting. This Gun for Hire, a podcast out of New Jersey had a fake commercial about such a device.


  3. I don’t know why the school was upset about the aerosol can thing; knowing how to quickly assemble a DIY flamethrower is a useful skill.
    Back in the day (early April 1968) I was still in college when MLK was killed and there were riots in many cities, including the city where my college was. Some ladies I knew experimented with their available supplies to find the best aerosol product to use as a flamethrower to defend the staircase in their dorm. Their dorm wasn’t attacked but……

    1. CD
      What was their conclusion? Back then I think every aerosol can was a potential flame thrower due to its propellant. I bet hair spray was the winner


      1. IIRC hair spray was the winner. And in the sixties the ladies’ dorm had an ample supply.

  4. Except for the tats, the current Ms. Smith is a lot sexier than the stick figure she used to be.

  5. RE: Dead Rude:

    “Circle of Life”, man. Just ginning up a replacement for the one that’s checking out.

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