Now Everybody’s Getting Involved

Where the hell were all you bastards when I was getting death threats and such back then?

Except that this take gives me an immediate Red Cloud Of Blood:

America’s feminized culture is the topic of Stephen Baskerville’s article, “Real Men Missing,” in the January issue of Chronicles Magazine. Over the years men have refused to step up to the plate and do the hard tasks that are often associated with masculinity. These include holding the line on moral issues such as illicit sexuality, profanity, and dishonesty, and showing true leadership in the family, workplace, and community. “American conservative men are now harvesting the fruits of [their] passivity,” Baskerville writes, as women have stepped in to fill the places of power that they have abdicated out of cowardice or indifference.

Baskerville, you cockless little dipshit.  “Conservative men” were not passive in the face of the appalling slide towards the liberal abyss — but when any of us did try to stem the tide, we were vilified, our families threatened with violence and ostracized until it became almost impossible for us to live.

Ask me;  I was fucking there, when academics like you were in the forefront of all the shit piled on us.  I lost not one but two jobs because of what I’d written on the topic, and a little help from so-called conservative academics might have helped a bit.  Oh wait, I forgot:  there aren’t any conservative academics, because you gutless fucks were the very first to submit to the wokist left-wing brownshirts in our colleges and universities.

By the way, I note that this Baskerville guy currently teaches  in Poland — I’m sorry, he’s “Professor of State Studies at the Collegium Intermarium” — probably because he had to flee the United States to a more conservative country which would allow him to write works like (deep breath) A Gentleman’s Guide to  Manners, Sex and How to Rule the World:  How to Survive as a Man in an Age of Misandry — and Do It with Grace.

I hate to tell you this, Prof. Baskerville, but the time for manners and grace has long since passed away.  Gentility is fine, but it’s not much good when you’re faced with a lunatic holding a Molotov cocktail over your child’s head.

Anyone who wants to see the reaction of the Left to someone even vaguely critical of their precious dogma should just see the hatred and opprobrium heaped on Tucker Carlson, surely the most genteel and polite of the conservative commentators.  I just wish that The View  would get someone like Bill Whittle or Larry Correia to debate them.  (Forget about me;  the whole show would be full of bleeps.)

I need to stop now before I get really angry.  I encourage everybody to read Baskerville’s essay in Chronicle  (as linked above).  He speaks some truths, to be sure, but he’s way off the mark in some of his other assertions.

Fuck all that.  The time for gentlemanly, mannered discussion and debate is over, O-V-E-R.  We’re going to debate like the Canadian truckers, gawd love ’em, or still more vigorously (TBD).  The Wimmyns and Girlymen are not going to enjoy the encounter.


  1. One of the reasons I retired two weeks ago was because of the corporate woke BS. During my last six months I had to take multiple online classes helping me to identify my biases and other such crap. My last raise (which I collected for two weeks) was bit over 2% and was the highest I’d seen in a decade. Meanwhile I spent every hour of my 23 years there on billable assignment ( consulting company) and they hire more and more HR people who aren’t billable, but they track diversity, inclusiveness, etc (and make up mandatory classes for those of us generating income). I finally got sick of it being told I was the problem when if it wasn’t for people like me there’d be no money to pay the dead weight.

    I considered signing my retirement notice John Galt.

    Mark D

    1. I worked for a large healthcare company a couple years ago and the Diversity training showed only white males as perpetrators of uncouth behavior. It was very offensive but of course nothing could be said because any complaints would be met with indifference at best and more than likely would result in sanctions against the complaintant. Glad I left that company but unfortunately, many more are the same.


      1. At the company before the one I retired from (so about 25 years ago) I took mandatory serial harassment training which always showed the perpetrator as male. Having been harassed by gay man at a prior job I asked about it and was told company policy was that men were never victims of harassment and should a man bring a complaint the decision would be that no harassment occurred. BTW, I handled the situation at the previous job in the time honored method of telling him if he didn’t keep his hands to himself he’d be searching for his teeth in the toilet next day.

        Mark D

  2. It’s bleck histry month, so my company is ramping up the diversity and inclusion indoctrination.

    Whatever. I discreetly asked colleagues in India, China, and even Germany what they thought of all this. nearly all were a “meh…(shoulder shrug)..I don’t pay attention”. They know how the field is striped, as do I.

    I’m there to make money, nothing more.

    Still, it’s not without entertainment value. There’s something hilarious about an angry bleck woman being made an ED&I director and having her action poached by a gaggle of lesbians and trannies. For all their hand wringing caused by St. George Floyd, they’ve done zero for blecks in all those years. Nothing. Because they can’t.

    Now, back to the topic at hand. As I said, men at this company know how the field is striped at companies like mine. There’s no point being the lone voice in the wilderness. The only thing you can do is leave. I like the people I worth with on my team and associated teams. This corporate bullshit is all noise level stuff that most ignore.

    As an aside, they put out a post on how we can celebrate Bleck history month. A list of total banality, that you are supposed to pick one then crow about it in a post – like it’s a grade school project. A white chick posts these, and other white chicks (all young) join in “This is Awesome!”. Oy vey… the up & coming cat and winebox crowd. I got shrinkage just scrolling through the thread.

  3. Moons ago Baskerville wrote some excellent material on divorced dads getting massively shafted in divorce courts (Plundering Fatherhood, “finance the filching of their own children,” ), so I’ve appreciated his take on things. But this latest piece is arguing both ends against the middle. There is NO common ground as men have become “guys”…the skinny jean-wearing man-bun/3-day scruff sporting non-men. Woman are the gate-keepers, what they demand or foster, they get. They got guys. Look at every new country act, skinny jeans, no cowboy hats, whiny voices…gag.

    We’re doomed with these types, afraid of their own shadows and can’t commit to anything worthwhile. The rest of us will watch from a distance, “go Galt” as Mark D presented.

  4. The era of Roberts Rules of Order has long passed.
    We are now operating under Machiavelli/De Sade rules with perhaps soon to add the Vlad Tepes enhancement with 3/4 French twist.

    To quote my old Scots mentor – WAR!

  5. Most of this bullshit was started, abetted, promoted by chicks. Who when they finally got what they wanted now wonder what happened to all the men. I’ve noticed this too much to even count but (and I cannot understand WHY), straight, white females seem to love homosexual men, at least as a concept. I think it fulfills in them the childhood desire to have an adult doll that they can play dress-up with. But this only can exist when there isnt an existential threat or crisis out there. When a gal’s car breaks down she isn’t looking for her “fashion consultant” friend to bail her out.

  6. Let me just say that 50-years of self-employment – through all the hard times that can and have existed – looks very good at this point.
    As they say: What doesn’t kill you just makes you stronger.

  7. But of course, all REAL men would risk life and limb to help someone who hates their very existence.
    Hollywood films are fantasy, and anyone who expects that pulling the stunts the women in them pulled and still have the man take them in before the credits roll is too stupid to raise a child, although apparently they are not too stupid to reproduce.

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