First, McVeigh

…and now this asshole:

On Jan. 12, the Del City Police Department received an intelligence bulletin about someone making threats to blow up the Occupational Safety and Health Administration building in Oklahoma City.
Investigators learned that the man said he was going to rent a truck, fill it with gasoline, blow up the building, and then take his own life.

As an impartial observer, I should note that it doesn’t seem like Oklahoma City is the prime location for gummint offices, does it?  (I know, we shouldn’t have so many gummint offices in the first place [/Andrew Jackson].)

Officials say Moore threatened the OSHA because he didn’t agree with the agency’s guidelines regarding COVID vaccinations or face coverings.

Seems a kinda strong response just for “disagreement”, I have to say;  so 10-to-1 says this Covid bullshit was threatening his livelihood.

Or else he’s just a radical libertarian.


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