Nothing To See, Move Along

So late yesterday, some asswipe went into a North Texas synagogue, took four people hostage and had some demands.

…because of course it was — actually, only one of Islam’s Finest — and he wanted some other asshole (convicted) terrorist freed from jail.

What happened next?

After a ten-hour standoff, an FBI Hostage Rescue Team made entry and rescued the three remaining hostages. The FBI confirmed the suspect is dead.

My only regret is that the Feebs took the little turd out.  Shoulda just left him to a Texas Ranger.  (“Only one Ranger?”  “Only one asshole.”)  Same result, less fuss.


  1. Wow. Moo slums again.
    It’s a shame that someone in that house of worship didn’t have a pew pew on them.
    A while ago this happened and someone had a Sig on them and stopped the asshole before the authorities even arrived.
    I also read this time – the asshole had been sentenced to a long jail term for previous crimes. Why was this useless pos out of jail?

    1. >> It’s a shame that someone in that house of worship didn’t have a pew pew on them. <<

      As an American Jew, I have a thought on this. The synagogue where this event occurred is a Reform congregation. Without going into detail, in my experience, the vast majority of those who call themselves Reformed Jews are also strongly entrenched on the far left side of the American Body Politic, and we all know what they think about people owning/carrying guns. In his piece on Plopping Jews, Evan Sayet has an explanation as to why so many American Jews are also politically leftist / statist / progressive:

      Near my home here in Lake County, IL, I know of two organizations where carrying of arms, even on the *Sabbath, is encouraged. There's even a group of (mostly) Orthodox Jews who have taken up arms and offer training on how to defend one's self and how to defend a synagogue. I've taken a couple of their classes. These folks are based in Skokie.

      CoffeeMan, others, I hope this offers some insight.

      *During the Sabbath, there are 39 classifications of work which are not permitted. Carrying a load / carrying objects is one of those prohibitions. However, these prohibitions can be lifted in the interest of preserving life.

    2. I read a comment (at Legal Insurrection, IIRC) that the temple was of a leftist-first-Jewish-second denomination. So, gun-free zone.

  2. A proper Texas response! Well Done! A better response would have been a dozen or so armed and briefed parishioners who would have ended it somewhat sooner.

  3. Why the FBI? No state or local SWAT available or was it the FEEBEES were watching the knucklehead the whole time?

  4. Odd. My local Media is still treating this as being done by ” Sum Dood” who, although dead, is still somehow, just a “Suspect”.

  5. Wait! FBI says no. Completely random.
    FBI Special Agent in Charge Matt DeSarno said the hostage taker was “singularly focused on one issue that was not specifically related to the Jewish community.”

    1. FBI now reporting as a “British National” apparently from some obscure Scottish Clan since his name was Malik Faisel Akram. Those Scotts never learned to spell or speak properly.

  6. There is a question that occurs to me every time something like this happens, and so far, no one has provided an acceptable answer.

    What was accomplished by waiting (insert any amount of time here)?

    Seriously, is the “suspect” (notice how they never call the evildoer anything but “suspect” once he’s dead) any less dead after ten hours than he would have been after thirty minutes, or four days? Once the LEOs and assorted “rescue teams” arrived, the outcome was pretty much determined. (Hell, call them what they are: kill squads. If they were “rescue teams,” the members would be wearing sport coats with leather elbow patches and carrying Kaywoodie pipes, not wearing full combat gear and carrying assorted deadly weapons.)

    Dead perp, live hostages; the best of all results.

    1. This is the best result.
      As a possible answer to your question, I was thinking that perhaps the idea is to let the fatigue set in a bit to dull the senses of the perp and slow his reactions.
      In much of the settler/Indian conflicts east of the Mississippi the Indians strategic responses seemed to be limited to “Attack at dawn when they are tired from waiting up all night.” This seems to be similar to hostage situations where someone talks to the perp and when he seems fatigued the SWAT swats him.

  7. I have several questions, some can be answered. others have raised them too

    1) how were the Federales able to respond faster than local, regional or state SWAT? If they came after more local teams, why was the situation delegated to the Federales or why did the Federales even respond at all?

    2) why are “news” outlets not all reporting on the perpetrator’s demographics? Some comment sections have imbeciles yelling bigotry when the perp’s demographics are called out

    3) how many houses of worship have to be attacked before the congregants either provide security themselves or hire guards?

    Too bad this SOB wasn’t taken alive so he could have been interrogated.


  8. So, in ongoing competition in the Terrorist Attacks Olympics the results to-date are:

    Baptists – 1

    Jews – 0

    As regards the “why FBI HRT instead of local/state SWAT response”, perhaps some “investigative reporter” will take a look at the various elected and appointed offices/individuals who influence police activities in the DFW region as to their contributions to this outcome.

    My bet, for now, is that local/state officials created an initial de-facto response void by their efforts to promote their preferred agency over others, giving the FBI the opportunity to claim jurisdiction and make the claim stick.

  9. If one were a cynic, one might think the FBI was involved in case the scene of this purely random attack needed to be sanitized of any potentially embarrassing material.

    1. you’re right. The Federales are probably making sure the perp’s pay stubs are duly destroyed

  10. The hostages claim that they were not rescued; they escaped when the rabbi threw a chair at Mr. Akram and they all made a dash for an exit. If true, this makes Mr. Akram’s death a little puzzling. With the hostages safely out, law enforcement could have just waited for him to surrender. Of course, he may have run after the hostages and sealed his fate, but that’s not being reported.

    See this link for the hostages’ statement:

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