News Roundup

Whee, a whole year’s worth of news roundups to endure… oh well, I have to start somewhere.

coffee meets laptop screen, via nose.

I’d rather ride a bike than drive one of their shitty cars, anyway.

all together now, to the tune of “How do you solve a problem like Maria?”:  “Every thing that we don’t like is rayciss…”

lotta dust in the air today.

this might be alarming if a.) the whole world hadn’t already seen what she’s got, and b.) if there was anything there worth seeing.

that’s how I read it, anyway.

and when the next “Polar Vortex” comes a-calling, the entire country will be FUBARIt’ll be even better if they think that climate change means no more polar vortexesHell, they can’t even handle current needs.

oh fuck off, all of you.

nice to know that they’ve fixed up mass starvation, rampant disease and all the other Shithole Country issues so that they can concentrate on weighty matters like this.

I got nothing.  Just… nothing.

And on a related topic:

if I went to one of these “intimate dinner parties” and was served this shit, I would wreck the whole house and/or shoot the hostess.

Enough laughter… it’s time for INSIGNIFICA:


And speaking of redheads, here’s Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts:



  1. First article:
    “No ventilation systems connected separate rooms.”
    So, separate air conditioning systems for each room in the whole hotel? Ridiculous ninnies.

    The people that put these articles together have the mental horsepower of elementary school kids. The author should be tied to the trailer hitch and dragged till nothing’s left but a frayed rope.

    1. If it’s anything like the hotels here, each room has it’s own unit with a return that is floor wide.
      But I’m going to guess the return either feeds the HVAC for the halls or is vented.

      Regardless, there’s no way to know they didn’t get in there already infected with the coof.

  2. Sorry, I had to take a look. I haven’t seen Miley Cyrus since she did the episodes of Two and a Half Men. She was type cast as trailer trash and now she has multiple inkings of random symbols to complete the look.

  3. There’s a vegan bakery within a stones throw of my back yard. Never been in, and can’t see why anyone else would either.

    Vegan baking? They use no eggs, butter, or milk?…eesh! My wife will try and use substitutes and experiment. It never works. Ever. Thousands of years of baking knowledge and experience tossed for what?

    Had a friend that accommodated his idiot kid’s girlfriend over Christmas and bought some stuff there, cinnamon rolls and a cake. He said the rolls were heavy as a brick and the cake was dense and inedible.

    And the tab? …wait for it…$80 for the cake alone, which no doubt mostly went in the bin.

    These people are nuts. I was getting bombarded with commercials for ‘just egg’ – a fake egg product made of mung beans that’s supposed to save the earth. When I compared the stats, the only thing that it had that matched and egg were the calories and protein. It was missing all the other nutrients. Wonder how many pounds of mung beans and how much energy is used compared to an egg. The bottle – a dozen egg equivalent is $12. 10x the price of eggs?

    I think it’s a scam. They are exploiting these neurotic types. Then again, they’re neurotic. May as well take their money.

    1. I have an Oyster stuffing and a Cornbread stuffing recipe from my mother that have long been popular in the family. Once, apparently after talking them up to friends, my brother invited me to a Thanksgiving dinner. I was asked to include a vegan turkey dressing (I wondered at the contradiction there, but since neither of my stuffings would be cooked touching the turkey, which is the objection of vegans, I looked on the internet for a suitable recipe. The one that looked least horrendous required I make what was called a “Flax Egg”, using a small amount of ground flax seed. At the actual event, I realized it was requested for the man’s 17-year-old daughter who was a vegan (unsurprising, given her age). Even then, I think I was the only one who ate any of the vegan turkey stuffing.

  4. “Pint of mushroom, please” – It’s all fun and games until someone slips some psilocybin mushrooms into the wort.

  5. So, the French want the auto adverts to recommend cycling instead of buying one of their execrable cars? I’m sure whoever thought of the law thought it would work like the fine print notations in alcohol beverage ads, “be sure to drink responsibly.” Instead, what they got was “Here are the finest automobiles the French can build. You might want to consider buying a bicycle instead.”

  6. “Hap-pie new year! Britons are moving on from big New Year’s bashes and baking vegan and vegetarian pies for ‘intimate dinner parties’ ”

    Allow me to translate. In almost any context involving a social gathering (or a public event like a concert), the word “intimate” simply means “small” or “sparsely attended.” If you invite people over for a dinner of vegan or vegetarian pies, many of them will discover that they have prior commitments for that evening. To paraphrase This Is Spinal Tap, the appeal of your dinner parties is becoming more selective.

  7. Every time I hear of the French and bicycles in the same sentence I think of the classic, who won the tour de France in 1940? 6th Panzer division.


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