1. She was one of the few who eschewed the screen for the stage.

    She always said she was very bad at auditions. Given the activities of Weinstein and his ilk, I guess she meant she refused the casting couch.

  2. I had a long ago crush from an equally terrible movie. Kim Cattrall. The less said about the movie or the rest of Ms. Cattrall’s contributions to society, the better.

  3. To each his own, my own personal fantasies in my teen years revolved around Paula Prentiss and Sophia Loren.
    Side note, I remember when I was a kid, commenting to my folks that I didn’t think Elizabeth Taylor was “pretty”. My dad laughed and said when you are older you’ll think different. He was wrong.

  4. Dang, Kim. I had crushes when I was a lad, but they were mostly my own age or maybe just a little bit older. Hayley Mills was one of mine. Olivia Hussy was another. Sally Ann Howes is the same age as my mother.

    Tsgtjoe, I thought Elizabeth Taylor was beautiful when she was younger – “National Velvet”, or “Cleopatra”. Not so much as she aged.

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