No Big Deal

Both New Wife and I got our second (“booster”) Covid jabs a couple weeks ago, and boy, how I suffered.

For the next two days, I couldn’t raise my left arm past shoulder height without it aching like a muscle pull.  Then on the third day, it rose again [sic]  without a problem.

In other words, I felt fine — not even mildly “off”, like I did with the first one the day after — and New Wife felt no side effects at all.

I honestly don’t see what all the fuss is about.

I do think that I’m growing a new head out my chest, though that may just be the gin talking.


  1. Haven’t gotten a booster yet, but I’m not opposed to getting one (but I am opposed to a mandate). I was talking to my ex-wife about it a few weeks back. She’s opposed to the jab and asked me, “What will you do when they come after your guns?”

    I about fell over laughing and told her that I’ve personally been fighting that battle for over 30 years. (“Welcome to the party pal!” – John McLane)

    Thus to-jab or not-to-jab just isn’t my hill to die on.

  2. Getting a jab should be a choice. Many people , including myself were told vaccinate by a certain date or employment will be terminated.

    This means people have to choose between food on the table or taking a drug they don’t want.

    If you want the vaccine, get it. If you don’t you should not be forced.

    I got Covid before vaccines came along. I survived. It’s like the flu. And I am overweight. No issues recovering. Felt like shit for a week but did not die. In fact in 2013 I got the regular old flu and it was worse.

    Whatever happened to “my body my choice”? Oh right that only counts with abortion. Not what drugs are injected into your body.

    Rape is forcing someone to have sex with you. I would argue that forcing one to take a vaccine when they do not want it is vaccine rape.

    If you have the vaccine, And you think it works, Why do you care if others don’t get it? You have the magic vaccine right?

    This isn’t about whether the vaccine itself is a big deal (side effects, does it really work etc). It’s about control. Forcing people to do things is wrong. It’s coercion. Vaccines passports are sort of already a thing. Take a look at many work places and some businesses. “Do you have your vaccine card?” And now with the boosters – the next question will be “how many vaccines have you had”

    Get it if you want it. I got one jab. (Johnson and Johnson) to keep my job. I am not interested in any more vaccine rape.

    PS – driving is one of the most dangerous things Americans do every day. Is the government telling people to stay off the roads? Nope.

    But keep getting experimental jabs, many being forced upon unwilling people under coercion of losing a job. Keep staying at home and don’t visit anyone if either you or them don’t have a jab or a booster.

    Anthony FAUX CHEE is not someone I’m interested in taking medical advice from, let alone medical advice.

  3. Just wait till you get the third shot, it’s the worst of both worlds. You feel like crap and have the sore arm.

    1. Technically speaking, this was the “third” shot, as the first J&J shot was a 2/1 proposition.

  4. You feel fine after having gotten the booster, and so too do the overwhelming majority of those others who have been vaxxed. It’s the tiny number of dead and stroke-paralyzed who have a complaint. But then, the same situation applies to the unvaxxed. And the contagion issue still is not resolved.
    Now, you wanna talk about vaccine responses, lemme tell ya about the plague shot in ’72.

    1. Had one of those as part of a training exercise for some MASH unit in out in the middle of some sun-baked field in ’68, along with everything else in the SEA shot and swallow battery. Within an hour or two, every armpit in the company had lymph nodes swollen anywhere from ping pong ball to baseball size and two guys had to be rushed to the base hospital with swollen lymph nodes in their necks that were choking them.
      What happened with yours?

    2. “…tiny number…”????

      Jesus fucking Christ, the idiocy I’m reading in these comments is unreal. Most are blowing off the real world consequences of taking a EXPERIMENTAL, DNA changing drug.

      Are you people paying attention? If you watch TV, I guess I can answer that for you.

      As for this moron’s contention that only the “tiny number” of dead and stroke paralyzed people have a right to be bitching, here’s just a few facts for you
      1) VAER reports over 9,000 deaths and 100, of 1,000s of adverse effects but VAER is under reported by 90% The actual death count is well over 300,000
      2) A study done in the UK shows the vaxxed losing, on average, close to 5%/week of the effectiveness of their immune systems. Everyone is different of course but this poison, despite assurances otherwise, has been found in the nucleus of cells where it is altering the DNA.
      3) Have you noticed the 100s of in their prime athletes dropping dead all over the world after getting the vax??
      4) The stat called the all cause of death is up over 25% this year over the last when there was no vax.
      5) I’ve seen too many doctors and front line health care workers that have been noting whopping increases in illnesses in major organs especially in the heart in people that have had no previous inclinations.

      I could go on and on with horror stories about this crap. The manufacturers have been give immunity from liability! Fuck, doesn’t that alone ring any GD bells in your heads??? It’s the flu for heaven’s sake. It’s all bullshit. Yes people will get this and it’s an upper respiratory illness and some will die. Life fucking happens. Compromising your immune system is whack. There are numerous prevention protocols that are common sense. Allowing a poison to be injected into you to prevent the flu is a 180 from common sense.

      Read this-it’s from the guy who invented the spike protein vax!

      George Carlin’s #1 Rule of Life was don’t believe anything the government tells you. These edicts have morphed from lets flatten the curve to endless variants requiring endless jabs. Wake the fuck up

  5. Well, I’m glad you’re feeling better Kim.

    I am a pureblood and I am going to stay that way. No thanks to the mask too. If I get the flu, I will kill it with three fingers of scotch and 24 hours in the sack.

    1. This.

      I don’t like being bossed around, and I won’t be getting their shot under any circumstances.

      If you want to take the vax, more power to you. Leave me alone.

  6. Got my third Moderna a few weeks back. Yeah, my arm hurt for 3 days–again–and I felt a little woozy for a few hours the day after getting it. The first shot back in February was the same, but the day after the second shot in March I felt like I’d been hit by a bus for about 10 hours. Chills and fever at the same time, every muscle ached, etc. By 8pm it was like I’d never had a thing.

    I lost a few good friends to the WuFlu in 2020, and wanting to stay on the green side of the grass myself, I followed my Doc’s advice (for once) and got the jabs as soon as I was legally allowed to do so by the People’s Democratic Hellhole of New Jersey, before they became widely available. As a Gentleman of Size, and Of A Certain Age it made sense to me.

    Plus, living in the northeast, you can’t go anywhere or do anything without it, and for as much as I hate people and am comfortable here in the house, I do like to occasionally eat at our favourite restaurant in NYFC, where you’re not allowed in the building without your papers. The only part of all this that pisses me off to the nth degree is that even vaccinated people are still required to wear a face diaper indoors in many places (not yet in NJ but it’s coming, because Democrats).

    Today I was supposed to report for Jury Duty (a job I actually enjoy and a duty I respect), and chin condoms were required by law at the threat of contempt of court. Upon learning that last part I requested excusal based on my hearing difficulties (it *is* quite bad, but I have served with it in the past) and was in fact excused. If those Fear Filters hadn’t been legally mandated I would have gladly served.

  7. Got Pfizer-BioNTech pretty much at the start of the vaccine push as I was working in a cancer centre. Second shot came and went with no problem at all – didn’t even feel it going in, as the Actress said to the Bishop 😁). The third, booster shot, again Pfizer was a different matter. OMFG. Shot itself was fine, but a few hours later, up comes this big old red lump. Pain, stiffness, can’t move it, all sorts going on in that arm.

    Same applied for himself – he had the Astra Zeneca for the first two, and the Pfizer for the Booster. Same reaction.

    Now waiting for the kids to have theirs – they’re in the process of booking it in, website crashes notwithstanding.

    I have mixed feelings about vaccination. For anyone in a healthcare setting, whether hospitals, care homes or visiting, then it feels right and proper to have the shots. No shots no job is somewhat harsh, but you take the choice.

    That said, I don’t believe in compulsory vaccination, of any kind. One of our kids has only just had their second shot, as they wouldn’t have it whilst pregnant -hence us keeping well away and getting our own shots ASAP. As someone else mentioned, it’s not right to force someone to have a jab. Some people can’t tolerate it, some are needle phobic, some don’t have the mental ability to consent or understand etc etc.

    The anti-vaxxers who listen to some mush on Farce Book and think they’re going to be sterilised or have nano bots injected, are total nutters and they can take their chances. Just stay away from me and mine.

  8. According to the rabid right I’m dead because I got vaccinated, have cancer because I’m vaccinated, have diabetes because I’m vaccinated (I’ve had diabetes since 2013, please explain how a vaccine I got in 2021 caused that), have a 5G chip in my brain because I’m vaccinated (I’ve tried to connect to 5G with my brain, it won’t work so either there is no chip or it’s malfunctioning).

    I’ve no problem with vaccines, including covid vaccines. I may question how effective they are against the current mutations of the virus, but that doesn’t mean the vaccines have no use. And I’m all in favour of mandating people in healthcare getting vaccinated, so they can’t transmit the virus between patients (if the vaccine works). I wouldn’t trust a healthcare worker who’s a rabid anti-vaxxer as they’re likely to provide me with very bad care, being they’re completely obsessed with their anti-vaxxer rethoric and tend to be “skeptical” of many other medicines… Weed them out of the system so the serious and effective medical staff are left.

    1. Yup, I knew there would be some RINO’s here in the comments. No dissapointment there.

      First – it is WRONG to force someone to get a vaccine. People (myself included) are being told, vaccinate or be fired. I had covid before vaccines were available. I survived. What the hell do I need this shit for? Should be my choice.

      Many of us are not wealthy enough to quit a job over a vaccine. Which leads to the more important point.

      You say “I wouldn’t trust a healthcare worker who’s a rabid anti-vaxxer as they’re likely to provide me with very bad care, being they’re completely obsessed with their anti-vaxxer rethoric and tend to be “skeptical” of many other medicines… Weed them out of the system so the serious and effective medical staff are left.”

      Do you know how many hospitals and other places where people get healthcare have dirty germs all over? As in, staph infection, c diff and other dirty shit? Do you ever ask how clean the hospitals and doctor’s offices are that you get treatments at? I bet not.

      Further, if you need a life saving treatment, and the dr is not vaccinated, you will turn them away and refuse treatment?

      If you are in a car wreck, house fire, or some other unfortunate situation, are you going to turn away a firefighter, emt, police officer or some other first responder from helping you if they are not vaccinated?

      This is the reality. Across the country, Police, Firefighters, EMT’s, and workers in many fields, who worked in person during the entirety of the pandemic, before vaccines were available, while most people sat on their asses at home, or “worked” from home, are now being told vaccinate for be fired. Yup lose your job, your ability to put food on your families table.

      And there is now a serious critical shortage of first line, front line, and emergency workers, due to all of this forced jab bullshit. Remember that next time you need help. It may not be available because of this forced vaccine bullshit you support.

      Anyone who is for forced vaccinations, anyone who thinks people should be fired for not vaccinating, seriously, FUCK YOU!

      1. But but but, vaccines should be mandatory. Don’t you realize that by not being vaccinated you are a danger to everyone, including those who have been vaccinated?
        Follow the argument here: Why Life Jackets Should Be Mandatory.

        /sarc (for the sarcasm-challenged)

  9. I felt like shit after both jabs. I’ve also had the China virus for real.

    Still here. Not anti-vax by any stretch of the imagination. But the .gov can go ass-fuck Joe Biden with its mandates.

  10. I had the ChiCom flu a year ago, and got the Pfzier shots in March.

    My Dr. “recommended” I get a flu shot, but only said I was “eligible” for the booster.

    Hence I have an appointment for the Flu shot, but have the booster in a holding pattern.

    Put me down as one who thinks that vaccines are a good idea, but am opposed to mandates.

    Sort of like how I volunteered to join the military but oppose the draft.

  11. To Vax, or Not To Vax – That is the question.

    Sitting here on the Top of the West in NV’s Great Basin, we enjoyed watching everyone scramble to the dictates of ObergruppenFuhrer Sisolak, in a county with zero deaths from this flu (or any other flu, for that matter), and dealt with the masking mandates as we encountered Karens in adjacent counties. Always interesting going into a store where masking was required/requested, and when they see the 1911 on the hip, not a thing was said.

    The WuFlu induces the same fear in me as does the threat by the Lefties to take my guns: The prospect of a life in prison just doesn’t scare an 80-yr old.

  12. The protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that doesn’t protect the protected.

  13. Well, I can understand, as you got the J&J, but please STOP!! The most vaccinated places on earth (see Gibraltar, Vermont, etc.) have the highest rates of Covid on the planet. I got the virus early on and felt nothing until I got my second shot – total wipeout. I felt it might be good because I was a cancer patient at the time. Wake up folks, the vaccines DON”T WORK! And that little homunculus can shove further treatments where the sun don’t shine. As a former scientist, I am disgusted and saddened by the fact that science has been hijacked by idiot progressive to further their agenda. Off to the range as the RCOB subsides after a stiff one.

  14. Got my doses of covid vax by Moderna. Missed one day of work the first time and two days the second time. I have had better cases of the Flu then what I experienced with the vaxx. If the wife could have found our thermometer I bet I would have made an ambulance trip to the hospital, my fever was that bad. Family doctor mentioned that maybe a booster (third shot) should be considered and I was extremely vehement about not getting another one.
    Now I have to fight my young son not getting any vax for covid whatsoever.

  15. My second pfizer was very bad.

    But perhaps the 4 tallboys of Long Hop brewery’s 8.2% Imperial Hazy Ale the same day had something to do with it.

    Seriously, a lot of whining over what is no worse than a minor hangover. Who here has not had a hangover so bad it lasted for 3 days and led to thoughts of suicide? If you deny it I’ll call you a liar.

    Even so, mandates are shite and mandators need to be killed, then boiled in oil, tarred and feathered, then killed again, then pitched into a septic sump, then killed again, just to be safe.

  16. I’m not anti-vax. I’m anti putting a poorly tested, useless chemical in my body.

    I got the pfizer jab way back due to being a former cancer patient. I felt nothing with either shot. But that was back when it was claimed to be 95% effective.

    We now know it’s not anywhere near that.

    You can still get infected, you can still pass it along. So the exercise is pointless. You can go to the VAERS site and see how many reactions there were to your vax batch. My second shot, 50 people died out of the 12000 adverse reactions.

    One of the things I read was that the vax would make any condition you’ve had worse. I have to say, I have lung, stomach, and heart issues – all of them having gotten way worse this year, after the vax. Could be coincidence.

    Hard pass.

  17. With VAERS data for these “vaccines” going through the roof (160k at latest count, notwithstanding unlawful non-reporting) – including death – and with FDA pulling drugs typically somewhere around 50 cases, I will never get an EUA/non-labeled (aka liable) shot for SARS-CoV-2, or anything else for that matter. Already had Covid Jan 2020, so obtained natural immunity. Virology science states that getting an “iffy” vaccine (as in, lacking standard practice challenge data studies to prove efficacy) when one possesses natural immunity getting a vaccine places that individual at a higher risk for an adverse reaction due to a hyper immune response and developing unnatural anti-bodies that could harm the host.

    Nope. Not happening. But others are free to do as they see fit. When “authorities” resort to forcing/coercion/mandating/guilt-tripping people into taking an experimental vaccine, it smells to high heaven…especially when the Fed’s foist their mandate dirty work onto employers, absolving themselves of any wrongdoing. If (going to the absurd here) the powers-that-be decided everyone should take a shot of heroin to reduce Covid transmission and “stay safe”, and employers told people they’d have to get “the shot” to keep their job, then; a) How many would do it? – and – b) How many with common sense and no fear would see the fallacy and thereafter be labeled anti-heroin? It’s absurd, but makes the point.

    Satan is running strong with this charade. The hyperventilating is fear-based and not warranted for something on the scale of yearly flu (dying “with” is not the same as dying “from”).

    Stay healthy as best you can, and maintain your immune system. Natural immunity is best by a factor of 10, which also leads to herd immunity. The “one size fits all” prescription of lockdown’s and mask idiocy, and pushing vaccine’s by those running roughshod over The Constitution, got in the way of generating herd immunity that would more quickly move this into the yearly flu category, something we took in stride and didn’t panic over.

    Everyday we discover the cure is massively worse than the virus. But that’s government for you, almost always incorrect in their approach. Trusting these reprobates is foolish.

  18. I didn’t get the vax – call me highly suspicious of everything that has happened, especially the suppression of effective treatments. I also have no comorbidities and am not overweight. No thanks – Uncle Sam messed me up good with experimental shots in ’91 and I’m not doing it again.

    Went to a team meeting at work 2 weeks ago with my negative covid test. At least half the people there were sick. This week had a meeting with a couple of the same people – still sick.

    Saw a friend at the gym yesterday for the first time in a while – after his vaccination he couldn’t walk for 2 weeks due to neurological side-effects. He will react violently to anyone telling him to get a booster.

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