Monday Funnies

So to get out of that dreadful slide into the week, a little humor from the mind of a child:

Now for the grown-up stuff:

Still in the animal world:

…and he lost anyway.

Back to humans:

…probably the only defensible reason for having one.  (Thanks to Reader Quentin for sending me the pic.)

…in which case, they’re going to put up bleachers and sell tickets.

So stretch those limbs, gird your loins, and get to work.


  1. Kim,
    Over the weekend I heard about Hamilton getting skunked. Upon receiving the news I asked myself, “Self, I wonder what kind of post Kim will put up about this?” .. I have to say, the pic is rather funny.
    Take some time, recharge, etc. Shoot ’til your bones ACHE … we’ll be here. Had I known you’re in such a melancholy state, maybe I’d have taken the M44 to the range instead of the poodle-shooter. Usually after about 40 rounds through The Russian Blunderbuss is enough for me.

    Illegitimi non carborundum (apologies if the spelling is off).

  2. Actually, “Die Hard”, a story of a desperate insurgency against a vastly superior invading force requiring the near-miraculous marshaling of limited resources, is a Hanukah movie.

  3. #2 Driver in the World:
    The only one on the podium wearing a mask!

  4. While saving for guns is certainly a very good reason to drive a Prius, I had a non-gun reason back about 15 years ago: I could drive alone in HOV-3 lanes on my commute to work. Driving around the DC area in an Explorer was kinda pricey regardless of any other considerations, too.

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