News Roundup

News so horrible, it makes Gwyneth Paltrow look lovely by comparison.

in the Parents Of The Year Competition, Bonehead Division.

I just read the TxGov tips on the same topic, and they read a little differently.

but seriously:  who hasn’t wanted to say the same to a journalist, at some point?

you had me at “Lori Lightfoot Acts Stupidly”.

shoulda gone to Miami, just like FuturePOTUS DeSantis said.  Then again, silver linings and all that:

and when we said “Buy American” back in the day, we were sneered at for being such jingoists.

like nobody (except the wokists) saw this coming.

And here’s someone who isn’t a trannie:

and pretty impressive they are too.  And speaking of boobs:

hey, you guys started it.  Kyle Rittenhouse is only the first, bubba

Stephen owes me a new, non-coffee-stained screen for posting this one.

And now for INSIGNIFICA:


Speaking of roundups. here’s another passel of unused stuff from my Pictures folder.  This is Emma Louise Somebody, who is apparently married to some guy from a British TV show I’ve never seen either:

As my old buddy Paterson would say, “Shnot bad…”


  1. With respect to DC Carjackings, if you’re one of the few of us who jump through the hoops to get a DC carry permit ($500+, 4-month wait, and expires every 2 years, poor and minorities need not apply), you drive in any lane you want and never give up your car.

  2. Chris murphy can go dine on a satchel of used phalluses. sorry for the spelling error.

    No links on the insignifica?

    thanks for the eye candy.

    most journalists like most politicians are far more tolerable when they’re decorated with a short rope and a tall tree. They make tolerable pinatas, the insides lack candy is the only drawback.

    DC carjackings can easily be solved with the administration of acute doses of vitamin plubium. But we know that the Democrat death cult wouldn’t want to jeopardize relatives of their voter base.


  3. Lori Lightfoot Acts Stupidly – i.e. another day that ends in Y.

    Go fuck yourself – reminds me of Dixy Lee Ray, governor of Washington State while I was a growing up there. She didn’t suffer fools & once advised a reporter to “go fuck yourself with a chainsaw.” A fascinating & wicked smart broad. PhD in marine biology, chaired the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (or its equivalent in the 70s), lived in a double wide, drove an XKE.

    While governor, one of her sows littered & she named the piglets after state legislators she especially despised. Sausages made from that litter were later served to their namesakes at a state function.

  4. With all due respect to Ridley Scott, I’ve never heard of “The Last Duel.” And I usually am aware of Scott’s movies, even the ones that don’t interest me at all (I’m thinking of “Alien Covenant” here). So if “The Last Duel” is doing poorly at the box office, I have to wonder if it was advertised effectively. Incompetent marketing can kill a movie’s chances, especially if the audience either never hears about it or can’t figure out what kind of movie it is. (Example: I ignored the 1999 film “The Mummy” because the ads led me to believe that it was a horror movie, and I don’t do horror. If someone had told me that it was essentially an Indiana Jones film, I would have been in line at the box office on the first day.)

  5. Regarding the Trannie swimmer – Does IT have a vagina? No? Does IT have a Y chromosome? Yes.
    In the name of the Left’s shibboleth Fairness, get IT out of the pool until the men’s event.
    Otherwise, let’s not have separate men’s and women’s sports, just teams where people try out and qualify regardless of genitalia or chromosomes, and we’ll see who’s really equal.
    Bye-bye Title IX, and bye-bye women’s sports, which are just another affirmative action pot to be claimed.
    And that’s why the women are not up in arms about this example and similar others in recent news – they must eat their unintended consequences or admit the USA Wymyn’s National Soccer Team really doesn’t deserve equal pay, and Title IX is just another exploited money grub for the feminazi sex and gender pimps.

    1. The most brutal wake up call will be in fighting – boxing & MMA – when a dude who feels pretty steps into the ring against a legit chick and beats her to death. She’ll be dead. But she’ll be woke. Win win!!

  6. 32GG?!? What does the GG stand for, Great Googly?

    Seriously, sweetie, they can perform surgery to downsize those sweater puppies.
    Of course, living in Jolly Ol’ means you’ll be sucking hind tit in the waiting queue.

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