News Roundup

Yesterday’s news, delivered a day late and a trillion dollars short, just like the Biden so-called “administration”.

despite the fact that :

and believe me, if it had, we’d all be wearing masks today.  [/sarc]

no wonder the Left is going apeshit about FuturePOTUS De Santis.

and she’s going to be fired in 3…2…1…

is this even news anymore?  Then again:

so it’s not ALL bad news.  Then again:

having borrowed a white flag from EU partner France, no doubt.

From the Dept. of Suckage:

he’s not well-known in Murka, but should be  (see link for example).

you had me at “not apologizing to fucking people”.

and they said the age of romance was dead.

down to WHERE, exactly?

And now comes the time for INSIGNIFICA:

…Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard were unavailable for comment.

Here are some other “persecuted” women:

Carole Landis

Greta Garbo

Mara Corday

Brenda Venus

Sophia Loren

Oh, how these poor women must have suffered…


  1. Poor Ireland. They make such stupid mistakes. The first time I went it was nice in 2000. The second time I went a few years later the tentacles of the EU were getting deeper into the country whether it was unrestricted immigration putting locals out of work, burning smelly coal rather than sweet scented peat, superhighways with overpasses replacing two lane rural highways.

    The best thing any European country could do would be to assert their national identity and sovereignty by leaving the bureaucratic EU.

    Bill Burr is hysterical and frequently right. Saw him last August and his show was hilarious.


  2. Brenda Venus is a fascinating character. She was a companion of some sort to Henry Miller in his dotage and wrote a couple books about it. Readers here might know her best as the hot Indian babe, George, who runs Clint Eastwood up and down the mountains, training, in The Eiger Sanction.

    Also, at my house we refer to Sophia Loren as Sasha Alexander’s mother-in-law and imagine what family dinner on Sunday might be like.

    1. I think it was Frank Langella who said that Italian life was lived around the dinner table, at full volume.

  3. Is “A&E” a British term for what Americans would call the ER (emergency room)? To me, it means the cable TV channel formerly called “Arts & Entertainment,” renowned for artistic masterpieces such as Duck Dynasty, Storage Wars, and Dog the Bounty Hunter.

  4. Well, wherever the Lyle Gortch of the Cuomo brothers is going, it wouldn’t hurt for him to take CNN along. It’s not like they’ll be missed.

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